Historical games. Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven


It was 1998 … I think many gamers that came to that year will agree that it was a year not just giving us all the great games created in different genres, but giving us a lot of legends that are still being set as an example. On some of them, developers are still oriented to the standards of the genre, and many are still stored on hard disks of many fans around the world and their discussion never stops. Yes, perhaps, more and I do not remember a single period when there would have been such a breakthrough in the gaming industry. Here you are in one list and Fallout 2, and BaldursGate, NFS 3, Rage of Mages, Starcraft and HalfLife … My God, is it worth continuing? You, I think, know them all as well as I do. Only now I caught myself thinking that during the 10 years that have passed since then, I have forgotten a little that they all went out in one year and kept PCs day and night around. Did it all come out in one year? That was the year of active promotion of 3D graphics in games when there were still 3D accelerators, people argued that it was better – Riva TNT or Voodoo – and the eternal question – Quake 3 vs Unreal Tournament – did not yet exist …

The unexpected return of the Hero, which no one expected, then the Might and Magic series revived, with the release of its sixth part, after a total of five years from the release of M & M 5: Darkside of Xeen. This is not surprising, many gamers were not familiar with this series, because the PC in 1993 was far from everyone, and it’s still said softly … The Might and Magic series itself originates back in 1987. That is, last year she turned 20 years old. Just think about it! Many years later, after downloading the old parts of M & M, I was once again convinced how serious and deep it was before coming to the creation of games. This is not politics – a game a year! In our country, the series interested the players thanks to the popularity of Heroes of Might and Magic, which, from 1995 until the release of M & M 6, gained considerable popularity among players, and consequently, seeing the familiar company logo and a similar name, many drew attention to this game and were not disappointed.

What should you pay attention to when you think about M & M? Perhaps, in appearance from the eyes, which symbolized the genre of Hack’n’Slash and its representatives, which again were created in the late 80’s, early 90’s: Eye of The Beholder, Lands of Lore, Ultima Underworld and many others. M & M was different from some of them in that the emphasis was initially placed on the storyline, which is often lame in games of this genre. That there is an image of the “dolls” of characters (which are in the possession of the four) in the spirit of Ultima, when anything that is dressed on the character will be displayed on the “doll”, and the “doll” itself is not just a set of slots for things, but our character is embodied. And the abundance of different skills that greatly increase the chances of survival of the whole party? Yes, and the promotion of characters by profession, turning characters into those who really want to be called heroes, by performing sometimes hard quests, not an unimportant aspect of the game. Training and raising the levels for money … Where else can you see it? There is even a switch between step-by-step and realtime-battles. The abundance of armor and weapons, a mass of enemies, tasks and a huge map, including a lot of easter eggs. In fact, you feel yourself on the battlefield from HoMM. Is it worth noting about the lack of a level cup (and, believe me, even if it is, you can hardly get to it)? Is it possible to forget the Mages who possess incantations of mass destruction, without which it is very difficult to manage? After seeing the magicians in newer games, it creates the impression that there are no magicians at all, but disciples … But … Everything in order.

World of Enroth

We travel all over the same Enroth, where once the wars of HoMM 2 were boiling, but things here got a cool turn … As follows from history, on Enroth of all living beings the Ancient Ones were created, which for a long time already was not visible, why the Demons (old enemies of the Ancients), who flew on their spaceship on this holiday of life, were a little dumbfounded, and having learned that everything was in vain, they threw out their aggression on everyone who fell under the arm. Immediately there are also crazy magicians, who bring out strange monsters in their laboratories, and the Order of Baa monks, who collaborates with Demons … And crowds of monsters that have bred in a fertile environment. Chaos, in a word, still that … Someone will say: “What kind of nonsense?” The spaceships … The Middle Ages How is this all connected? ” Very firmly and closely … The fact is that the plot, in fact, develops what was happening in older games, and therefore to delve into all the intricacies of the plot with a pounce will not work, but also to load details from the very beginning will not be… The old games, in fact, have not gone away.

From the very beginning, we create a group, like in the good old-school RPG. What is most amusing, even if the first time does not show much interest in the process of creating a detachment, within an hour and a half will want to return to the beginning and much to radically change when it becomes clear the purpose of different skills … The fact that in the unit there must be a warrior or paladin, which will be an insurmountable obstacle on the way of enemies. Without a character with the ability to find and disable traps, it will be difficult to navigate through dungeons full of traps that will quickly lead the group to an imminent death. And without a cleric to relieve his comrades of the negative consequences will be very difficult, well, without a magician it is extremely difficult to arrange an Armageddon to the masses of enemies – oh yeah, they really can be measured in tens, which is why you hope to see similar battles in HoMM. And then, the spells of flying (!) And walking on water (!) Still someone must study, because such things are archival, otherwise you risk constantly seeing how on the faces of your wards dementia is written, a vivid paralysis, from which you can laugh until tears, or the green face of the hero, or from the poisonous sting of another enemy, or from the intolerance of sea-pumping … What is most amusing, when this happens at once with four characters, to keep from Homeric laughter is very difficult. Of course, there are always a lot of teams that will work just as well, but we are not a munchkin, we are playing an RPG, so I did not take into account some cheating compositions. I will not expand on the creation of the group, although it is worth mentioning that the diversity is palpable, because, in the beginning, we choose the elements ourselves, characteristics and skills. Yes, sooner or later it will cease to be significant, but at first, it can play a significant role in how hard it will be to take the first steps in this world. The

The game has a very, very user-friendly interface, which is simple and straightforward and at the same time qualitatively and neatly made. Inventories we have … That’s right. Four. One for each character, and therefore a place to carry things is enough to collect from dozens of enemies things that are often poured on the ground. A pleasantly made book of spells, in which everything is broken up into elements, spheres and has clear and memorable icons and descriptions. When there are no enemies nearby, the group easily settles for the night, and there is no need for an obligatory personal bed (hi ​​TES) on four legs, but it’s worthwhile to be on your guard: if there are enemies nearby, they will attack the sleeping characters and this may end badly. Information about the characters is exhaustive, although nothing new is familiar with RPG players. In the game, there is also a change of day/night and weather …

m&m 6
Interface in the game

Spells in this game deserve a separate consideration. It is worth saying that in the game 9 spheres of magic: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Body, Spirit, Thought, Light, Darkness. And while one character cannot use all of them effectively, but even from this list it becomes clear that a pair of characters should definitely be magical … Especially it is necessary to admit that to see a meteor shower and any other terrible and global spell is damn nice, and even with a wonderful voice acting. Given the mass of restorative and increasing spells, as well as a wide choice of attacking spells of mass destruction, the choice is extremely large, but, as I said, it’s not so simple. Hang on, you’ll have to look for a temple and spend a lot of money on restoring a more luminous status, which we will not be met with sticks and torches.

What RPG without different skills, giving the characters uniqueness and irreplaceability? Swords and daggers, different types of armor, searching for and clearing traps, secrets, repairing equipment (believe me, this is important), athletics and others … There is no point in describing them all, but I will only say that it will not be possible to just buy any skills, hoping for the best. Yes, in general, you can see this in practice in a very short time, then again you have to treat the poisoning or do save in the hope of surviving after the opening of the next chest … Do not forget also that to increase the professionalism in the field of any skill, you need more find a coach who can teach him!

So what happened with New World Computing? Such a sequel, which the fans of the series could only dream of … It carries in itself what it personifies the series of Might and Magic and introduces into it a lot of new, completely fitting into the game. After that, this revelation was still in the seventh part, which, in my opinion, became even better, and then the series experienced a certain decline, at first with a generally quite good, but very painful, easy 8th part, and then after the poor and the indistinct 9th. Yes, the series was sometimes kicked and kicked, releasing the 3rd person action so we can say that it is still alive, and the HoMM series has experienced rebirth not so long ago (yes, the question is controversial, but it is so ) … So the faith is still in the bright future, although the former NWC is no more … And this series, along with M & M 7, is rightfully worthy of the title of the best and gry series. Still wondering if it is worth it to look at it?

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