Intel, what’s wrong with you?


At the beginning of the year, there was a lot of noise around the vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown, found in Intel processors. Immediately after their discovery, two groups of researchers began a more thorough study of the “blue” chips. It turned out that these gaps use speculative code execution in the processors. They not only allow you to access the processor’s cache but also read and modify the contents of the protected areas of Intel Software Guard Extensions. Given that speculative code execution is used in all modern processors, many computers and servers are at risk. But, as it turned out, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The researchers found a new vulnerability called Foreshadow (in Intel it is called L1 Terminal Fault). It provides access to the first level cache, the protected SGX area of ​​the last three generations of processors, and can extract any information. In the worst case, it gives access to all the virtual machines associated with the processor, which means a danger to the entire cloud infrastructure. That’s how it looks on the video.

Link in YouTube: Foreshadow Attack

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