Outward – Announce Trailer

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In the world of Outward, we are not prepared for the fate of the One who is called to fulfill the old prophecy. The hero begins his journey as an ordinary weak and vulnerable wanderer, who has to learn to survive in a harsh open world and fight with enemies. Gradually, we will be able to master the ritual magic, acquire excellent equipment and friends. True, it is possible to attract already existing friends: Outward has a cooperative passage on a split screen in the local network and via the Internet.

Thanks to the constant automatic preservation, you can not turn back and “replay” your story. But the developers promise that each new passage will not be similar to the previous one, and players will be able to experience many different stories. Until now, Nine Dots has released two games, a free two-dimensional platformer Brand, an online space fighter GoD Factory: Wingmen. The latter was released in 2014 and collected mixed reviews on Steam.

Link in YouTube: Outward РAnnounce Trailer [NA]

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