Realm Royale lost players


Studio Hi-Rez released its own royal battle of Realm Royale in early June. And for a couple of months in the early access of Steam, the number of players dropped noticeably.
According to SteamDB, a free game was added to its collection of several million people. However, the peak of attendance barely exceeded one hundred thousand. And it was soon after the appearance of the game, two months ago. At present, on average, about four thousand fighters come into the game. Thus, Realm Royale, despite the attention of popular streamers, lost 94% of its audience. This, of course, is in no way comparable to the “records” of LawBreakers, which reached such indicators in a few days. Recall, this failure is very costly studio Boss Key Productions.

Players Realm Royale complain about technical problems, an abundance of cheaters and an obsessive donat. In particular, the legendary equipment can be pulled out of the “toll” chests. We already wrote about the fact that Hi-Rez dispersed its staff in three freshly-opened studios, and now Realm Royale development will be closely dealt with by Heroic Leap Games. Whether it will be possible to return her interest to the game is a difficult question, especially considering that there are a number of royal battles on the way, including Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

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