Strange Brigade – Gameplay Overview


Rebellion has released a new trailer for the gameplay of the co-operative shooter Strange Brigade. In it, the developers showed all the main aspects of the game, starting with the choice of characters. The video shows the main types of enemies that archaeologists will have to face in the process of exploring ancient tombs. Among them – different mummies and zombies, pirate skeletons, giant poisonous scorpions, teleporting ghouls and other walking dead, all as one or armed, or just dangerous.

Battle with the ancient evil players will be in the role of one of the four heroes. Each of them has its own set of weapons and unique abilities. Weapons can be improved by adding the modifications found to special slots. At the disposal of the characters is also a set of traps and powerful amulets, and the search for treasure chests will help to acquire new cannons and strengthen the old ones. In addition to the plot campaign, there are cooperative regimes. Two of them are presented in the trailer. It’s Horde, in which you have to fight with endless waves of enemies, and Score Attack, where you need to “earn” the maximum number of points for killing during the allotted time.

Link in YouTube: Strange Brigade РGameplay Overview


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