The new Project Melies teaser


Bloober Team and Gun Media presented the new teaser of the Project Melies horror, dedicated to silent movies. It looks still creepy, but even too mysterious. A short video shows a strange scene in which a hero named Jimmy is in the film of a distant past and sees in the dark strange figures. The name of the game refers to the founder of the world cinema, Georges Meles, who invented film-makers and one of the first worked in the genre of fiction.

Bloober Team is known for two horrors: Layers of Fear and Observer. According to the plan, Project Melies should be out before the end of this year. In the comments on the teaser, there were a lot of messages related to Friday the 13th: The Game. Some users accuse Gun Media that she threw the game to the mercy of fate, others point to legal proceedings that make “unworkable” the development of new content.

Link in YouTube: Project Méliès: Yet He Stands

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