Announced the survival Population Zero


Enplex Games has announced the development of a new project – Population Zero, a science-fiction online game with an open world in which hundreds of players simultaneously try to survive in an inhospitable setting of someone else’s planet and turn it into their new home.

470 light years from Earth. The colony “Artemis”, carrying hundreds of thousands of space explorers, reaches the destination – the exoplanet Kepler-438b in the constellation of Lear. The process of awakening the colonists is starting, but something unplanned happens – the ship’s reactor explodes, and the ark turns into a common grave. Acting in accordance with the emergency protocol, the evacuation system starts to shoot capsules with people and modules with the most necessary equipment for survival to the surface of the planet.

Surviving colonists will have to find out what happened to the ship when entering the orbit of the planet, and to uncover many other secrets of this ancient and mysterious planet that has become for them a new home.

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