Battlefield V showed the “Royal Battle”


Studio DICE and EA in honor of the upcoming gaming exhibition Gamescom 2018 presented gamers with a new trailer. The creators of Battlefield V claim that they are completely removed from the game itself, so it demonstrates real graphics and shooter physics. The video showed different weapons, ground, and aircraft, as well as a new battlefield – Rotterdam and its surroundings. The most interesting gamers showed at the end of the trailer. A huge wall of fire quickly narrows down around the place of hostilities, as it usually does in the games of the genre “The Royal Battle”. On all the shots of the new gameplay trailer Battlefield 5 developers focused on demonstrating a very high rate of battles. In addition, attention was also focused on the destructibility, which manifests itself even during the movement of tanks or the fall of aircraft. It is accompanied by a spectacular action by the legendary song “House of the Rising Sun”. This time it is presented in the processing of Generdyn Music and in the performance of Audiomachine.

Previously, the developers said that they were not sure whether it was worth adding Battle Royal mode to Battlefield 5. Judging by the trailer, the studio DICE still decided on this experiment. Unlike other royal battles, where players can not survive outside the safe zone, as they perish in the wall of fire. An interesting feature of the regime is the use not only of conventional transport but also of military equipment, including tanks.

Battlefield V will be released on October 19, 2018 on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Link in YouTube: New BFV Battle Royale Mode first look

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