Historical games. Red Alert 2


After the victory of the Allies, the USSR was turned into a kind of American colony. The states appointed their “governor,” General Romanov, a comrade highly devoted to the Center (at least, they thought so). The armed forces of the country were severely curtailed, military factories closed and converted to advanced collective farms. Conversion, however.

What was the surprise of New Yorkers, when one day, waking up, they looked out their windows and saw … no, not flying saucers. But a picture that would please the late Joseph Vissarionovich. Slender lines of Soviet airship-bombers “Kirov” cut through the sky of their native city. Thousands of bombs fell on the head of an evergreen statue of Liberty. A little more time passed, and the vastnesses of the Texas region were already traversed by Soviet tanks, equal to everything that did not satisfy the standards of socialist realism. Hooray?
While yes, but this, believe me, not for long. Doubt in the seriousness of the approach of developers creeps into our heads even when the new Soviet leader appears before us in all its glory. Maybe I do not understand something, but in such uniforms, there are usually doormen at the doors of the chicest restaurants. And with such a person in the leaders of the superpower go and not worth it. However, our long history tells about the opposite. But not the essence.
The American leader looks quite decent. At first. But, gentlemen, his secretary … It’s painful this person is like Monica Lewinsky. Maybe all this is ridiculous. But already does not pull on the epic narrative.


This “smile” – is ready to bring comrades in the US a number of problems

Each new character that appears in this story looks even more stupid than the previous ones. For example, the Soviet captain Vladimir (by the way, I do not understand something – is this a surname?), Who exposes himself as a complete idiot in roller skates and splashes with the girls in the children’s inflatable pool. On the idea, in this place behind the scenes, there must be an idiotic chorus laugh. Or, say, the main assistant of our penguin-like commander-in-chief, psionic Yuri. Head, you know, he looks like a tube TV … not the latest model.
In general, dear, from the epic story the series turned into a show. Typical. With stupid characters, an absent script and a sea of ​​”healthy” humor that makes you want to cry. No more sense loads of cartoons no longer carry – so, entertainment. In fact, this should not be particularly upsetting, the strategy is still not an FMV quest. But it’s still fucking insulting. What were the cartoons in TS! ..

C & C and RA have always been the flagships in the world of RTS. That is not just hits – idols. RA2 will not become an idol. For this, you can call it anything. An odd job, a clone, other ugly words. But one thing can be said with certainty. The gameplay is at its best. Westwood is pathologically incapable of creating substandard strategies.

Every mission in RA is a small masterpiece. There are almost no such people where you just need to build a base and smash all the enemies. At the beginning of each operation, you are given a task that may well change in the process. Almost always there is a non-standard solution that allows you to win by small forces – but with great effort. The most interesting events are accompanied by small movie-messages. And thanks to all this, one can forget about the clown plot, about the boring schedule, and about all the other shortcomings. Diagnosis – we again play a game of the C & C series.


View of the playing field

Westwood seems to have considered all the shortcomings of TS and made the game more dynamic and diverse. The first thing that immediately catches your eye – the speed of the game has increased significantly. Someone like, and I was somewhat euthanized by the general slowness of the TS. Now everything just flies. The buildings are built almost instantly, the draftees creep out of the barracks in an even order. Well, the general massacres are received with cheers.
But these were all cosmetic changes. The most joyful things are ahead. One of them is the system of awarding titles brought to mind. Now the unit is quite easy to become a veteran – you just need to survive in a pair of battles of average scall. After that, the shooting range is significantly increased, the unit becomes smarter, and in special cases acquires special abilities. For example, Tesla Troopers have the opportunity to create something like Chain Lightning, and Apocalypse Tank – it generally starts to fire bursts. Attack of three or four such tanks means guaranteed kaput any badly protected base. So take care of your veterans, give them flowers and gifts and do not forget to walk in parades.

A wide variety of tactics. Playing for the Soviets, you can not produce troops at all – we master “psionics”, and forward. Dolgit capitalists of their own strength. The diversion joys will be provided by the bright Terror Drones. Allies can completely disable the enemy’s defense with their sneaky spies and drown it in the river of time with the help of Chrono Legioneers. But do not forget that any effective tactics can be no less effectively countered. All the rest is more standard, however, I repeat, if you wish, you can get great pleasure from the game.


Winter. And the base of the Soviets

Regarding graphic design, we were told at once and very harshly: do not expect anything new. Moreover, the good old TS engine suffered losses – out of the game voxels were expelled from the game. Say, slow down the process, and in general. But now the farce, arranged on the screen by two or three regiments of sprite units, does not plunge the computer into an epileptic seizure.
The landscapes were faded and unattractive, and they remained. Amusingly drawn Soviet villages and cities in the style of “Kremlin” were added. That is red brick and turrets. All other buildings resemble the FSB building on the Lubyanka. Without any measure “Russified” individual Soviet buildings. The domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral on the military base look ridiculous, to put it mildly. The grotesque monumentality of the local architecture suggests that the designers (as well as the writers) were given the order: to swear about the punches. What to say? They succeeded. Who will be funny, it will be funny.

Now for the rest. Tell me, did you not notice that in RTS you are usually very freely treated with scales? Well, an infantryman the size of a tank and other joys? Exactly. In RA2, there are no scales at all. With a tank, that plane, that couple of foot soldiers. All the same size. It’s not destiny. This is especially offensive considering that the game easily holds resolutions up to 1024×768. With such screen resolutions, it would be possible not to be stingy in size, but still, nothing would seem too large. But no … As a result – the battlefield looks like a pile of gray pixels crouching in the middle of the landscape. For all the tanks are about the same size, all gray, and you can only distinguish them from different guns. Oh well. To each licensed copy of the game, it was worth giving a magnifying glass in a makeweight.

However, not everything is so gloomy. For example, the developers were still ashamed of the wretched paralytics that portrayed in the TS infantry. Therefore, every Russian person can proudly watch a regiment of beautifully drawn Soviet conscripts in greatcoats, cheerfully storming an enemy stronghold. The rest of the infantry does not lag behind its Soviet counterparts.

Music. The C & C series has always been very good in music design. A kind of soothing mixture of the music of all genres and directions. I do not know why, maybe because of the general dynamism of the gameplay, but the music of RA2 was forced to change this tradition. It became much heavier. That neither the track, the hard industrial. It seemed poppy to me. Someone will be delighted. The taste and color …


A harsh warrior, then something sternly says …. flag

What about Red Alert 2? This is RTS from Westwood. All. In theory, all the reviews could calmly fit into this phrase. The game is quality. It is difficult to break away from it. It’s even hard to scold. It is easy and pleasant to play in it. Although outdated, though not ugly. But it tightens. I advise everyone. As it is now fashionable to say, in the RTS from Westwood will play with ecstasy exactly as long as it does them.

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