Historical games. Worms: ARMAGEDDON


Today we invite you to recall a series of Worms games, the first part of which was released in 1995 and immediately won the respect of the gaming industry, but in today’s retro review it will be about her successor, one of the following parts, called Worms Armageddon, released in 1999. It was these worms in my childhood that made me almost spend the night with my neighbor, playing with her and her brother against each other, setting up a bloody massacre on the battlefields, and winning a matchmaker was equated almost with a goal in life. Ah, a rich game of childhood and not yet spoiled the game industry it was magical.

Worms, a step-by-step game in the genre of strategy, although it is significantly different from the most characteristic representatives of turn-based strategies, conditionally it is attributed to this genre, primarily because the moves in the game are performed in turn. A series of Worms games were developed by the British company Team 17, and after the code of the game it was pumped into the hands of American and Moldovan developers working in Deadcode and CyberShadow companies and these guys were already responsible for “patches” and various innovations in the games of the series.

The gameplay is very exciting, the purpose of which is to destroy all worms of your opponent, in all possible and accessible ways. At the beginning of the game, you see a bunch of worms scattered on the map in a “random” way. The specificity of cards is that they are destroyed by your actions and the actions of your opponent, which can be either a real person or an AI. The number of different teams playing simultaneously is not limited to 2 compositions, the maximum number of worms in one team is 8. Worms differ from each other in the color of the name and health indicators, team flag, and voice acting. Each team has its own motion, during which the player managing one of the worms of his team can perform various actions: crawl, jump, use a teleport or rope, as well as many other devices, but do not forget that the goal of each move is to apply as much as possible damage to the worms of the enemy team, and for this you have a huge arsenal of weapons: bazooka, grenades, pistols, machine guns, dynamite, shotgun, flamethrower, axes, knives, various melee techniques, up to “kamikaze”, skunk, mole-bomb, earthquake, invisibility, Armageddon and can enumerate a long time.


Worms for a typical pastime

The health of the worm can be lost both from the damage inflicted on it by the worm of the enemy, and by caution you can bury your own worm by accident, jumping into the water or falling from a great height and of course my favorite FreadlyFaer. Death occurs when the level of health reaches zero. If the game is delayed, then the map landscape slowly begins to submerge and the level of health of the worms becomes 1HP. During the game, various bonuses fall from the sky, and mines and barrels with napalm are scattered around the landscape of the map with which you can and should interact, in order to try to inflict maximum damage to the enemy in one move.

I suggest you try to use all these guns named and unnamed by me, and enjoy the gameplay and do not look at the fact that the game is such an old release code, it perfectly sets, in addition to the patches, the picture was brought to HD. For those who played it in his childhood, I promise that a bunch of nostalgia will hit you in the head, and for those who were not familiar, but still want to play it.


Variations of animation of worms

Fight, bomb, beat with an ax, shoot a bow, throw a banana bomb ….. it’s fun. I will repeat – I advise

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