Hitman 2 and AI


Studio IO Interactive has launched a series of videos about Hitman 2, the continuation of the famous series. The first part of the developers dedicated to what helps immerse in the world of a hired killer. And this is artificial intelligence. The creators of the game want to make the world realistic and convincing. For this, in each location, there are many non-player characters, and all of them react to the actions of Agent-47. Looking for a lot of secrets and using the possibilities of the environment, you can make the townspeople behave as the killer needs, and apply this to the mission.

Strengthening artificial intelligence has become one of the main goals of developers. After all, players want to give maximum freedom, and AI should be ready to react to actions that the team could not even imagine. Hitman 2 goes on November 13 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And those who have issued the reservation, can even “become” one of the characters. To do this, you need to become the best in the single-player “Killer-sniper”, access to which is open to all owners of the pre-order kit.

Link in YouTube: Silent Assassin Run | E3 2018

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