In TERA: The Next started the update “Return of Demos”


In MMO TERA: The Next the update “Return of Demos” started. Among its main features are tasks with air battles and girl-engineers Eline, who can again be chosen as a character.

Earlier, engineer Elin was allowed to create only during a special event, which took place at the end of last year. Now the developers give you a second chance. To play for the new character was more fun, in parallel, the event “New Horizons” was launched.

Within the framework of the “New horizons”, gifts are given to all heroes, regardless of class. However, engineers Elin will receive additional rewards for the pumping. Among them – a fragment of Dendrite, with which you can buy a full set of armor “Ice Steel”. This equipment is so powerful that it allows almost immediately to go to the most difficult dungeons.

In the updated “Return of Demos” also appeared two air missions keeper. In them, players receive the keeper’s glasses (can be exchanged for precious stones, equipment skill, and valor points), pilot’s badges and boxes with legendary engravings.

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