New Super Mario Bros. U will come out on the Nintendo Switch


Rumors of porting New Super Mario Bros. U on the Nintendo Switch have been on the network for more than a year. This week, Comicbook, referring to sources in the European branch of Nintendo, who shared in the past true information about the games, including Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, said that Nintendo really takes the platformer to the popular hybrid platform. The reissue, presumably, will be called New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. It will include all content from New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U with Wii U, as well as brand new content. The release may take place already this year. Nintendo has no comments.

Sources say that for many Nintendo Switch customers (who are the first console of Nintendo to return to Nintendo after a long break or who have only played on its portable consoles) reissues with Wii U are completely new games. Almost all ports and extended versions are sold better than originals, and some become real big hits. For example, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has already sold over 10 million copies on the Switch and continues to occupy high positions in the charts around the world.

Link in YouTube: New Super Mario Bros. U РCommercials

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