Flexible Samsung?


The network presented the first frames of the new smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy line, the screen of which can bend and fully fold. The first renderings of the new smartphone were created by the famous and talented designer Jonas Dahnert (Jonas Dahnert) on the basis of available information about the future flagship of Samsung. On the images, you can see a smartphone, the screen of which bends in the middle. Moreover, it is worth noting that the gadget has the opportunity to bend exactly half, which makes it more compact in this state. In addition, as you can see, the screen of the phone does not stop working even in a bent state.

According to available information, the new smartphone will be called Galaxy X or Galaxy F, which means “foldable”. It is worth noting that when folded, the phone is not completely flat, but has a small hole. It is noted that this was done in order not to harm the screen of the smartphone. Given all the information available on Samsung Galaxy X, we can say that this gadget will be the most innovative smartphone in 2019.


An interesting solution…

It is expected that Samsung is also going to raise all the characteristics of the phone quite high. However, this is expected to affect the price of the phone and on initial sales, which will not be high. Nevertheless, Samsung presents a new smartphone as a very prestigious subject. The company is going to show the world its vast opportunities, the first to release a bent smartphone. It is expected that it will be officially presented in January 2019.

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