Historical games. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


“Morrowind” – this one word has long conversations for a cup of tea in cozy evenings. This is not just a game once fabulously popular and long overdue, but a role model for all immature studios engaged in the development of RPG on fantasy themes. For the sake of Morrowind, you could take an indefinite leave at work and for months not appear in an educational institution, locked up at home with provisions. What merit the third part of the TES series has gained fame, which has not extinguished to this day.

Spectacular first roller, accompanying immersion in the game universe, no. A worthy alternative to the animated preface is the pretty main menu. Although his carefully designed design rarely sets the tone for the success of the game, in Morrowind it’s just like that. Even now, the game can boast an amazing graphics component, which is to say about the enthusiastic assessment at the time of the first edition. Textures of water “Morrowind” are still one of the most realistic in the game history. It was impossible to eclipse the beauty of authentic landscapes and sunset sky to any virtuoso concept art.

The game provides for a natural change of day and night; walks on the moonlit trails of tiny and such a native Sadrith Mora does not guarantee the character of immunity, but always set on a lyrical fret. Afflicts the poor smoothness of many objects, especially character models, sometimes similar to regular polyhedra from educational presentations on geometry for the ninth grade. It is impossible to present claims to the voice: the casting of the actors is carried out perfectly, the intonations and expressiveness of the speech of the secondary characters vary depending on their attitude towards the protagonist.

The croaking of streams and the splash of the lake waves are naturalistic enough that they really transfer the player to the sandy beaches of the province surrounded by water. The ringing of steel crossed swords is not inferior in the mastery of performance to the soothing sounds of nature.


Interior decoration of the room

The plot of Morrowind is a branched, multi-layered concept, for a detailed description of which, without a single omission, it is necessary to single out a whole site, not an article. The storyline, composed only of the main missions and starting with an acquaintance with Kay Kodasses, is the tiniest bit in a huge stream of side quests and subordinate quests, opening up new facets of naked imperial history. The player is allowed to choose one or more of an uncountable number of guilds, where you can receive missions and hone racial or acquired skills. On average, the passage of “Morrowind” stretches for two months, and then, provided that the player will move the game world by leaps and bounds, passing additional quests is very selective.

Preliminary study of guides on the passage of the game, reading the history of Morrowind as part of the state or trying to understand the biological systematics will only smudge emotions from immersion into an unfamiliar world, so it is strongly recommended not to be curious, and it is better to see once, as they say. In addition, fragments of myths about the origin of the province in imposing on historical facts and the local epic can be found in the game itself in the format of solid, weighty books and annals scrolls.

Locations of “Morrowind” are a classic type of open sandbox with freedom of action, limited only by local moral law and the watchful eye of the guards. An attack on peaceful townspeople, murder without mitigating circumstances and other forms of lawlessness that can not be explained logically are punishable by arrest. For pocket theft or the impudent use of someone else’s bed it’s enough to pay a small fine, but in case of noticed small theft you will have to give all the things that originally had a different owner and after that were successfully stolen, and this is often found in the inventory.


Such here is the transport

The work on this game element is truly filigree. Thanks to the unique role-playing system, the multiple passages of “Morrowind” will not be tedious. Each hero has a number of basic parameters and skills, varying depending on the main characteristics, an additional player chooses himself upon arrival in Vwanderfell. To facilitate the game process, a beginner needs to have some concept of the balance of the class and the types of weapons present in the game, however, let the system of skills at first appear to be a dense forest, it is easy to master if desired and the proper share of interest.

During the game, the character improves skills that are the running skills in his fighting style. For example, the skill of long blades improves as the appropriate type of weapon is used. After ten points of professional growth, the level rises. The privilege of the step to the next level is the improvement of the basic parameters, each of which has a special highly specialized modifier, depending on the skills used more than others and brought the winning ten points. While the pumping of skills occurs not only through direct practice but also in training with the characters-masters, a born warrior nothing prevents to make progress in mastering magic. The absence of strict class division of the characters distinguishes Morrowind from the majority of role games not thought out in this plan.


Character Menu

The universe of the game occupies many thousands of kilometers of land and sea, which gives rise to the logical question of orienting on such a vast inhomogeneous terrain. To rely on the map provided by the developers with very conventional notation and zero information content (in fact, this is a tiny section of the screen with several color-delimited spots), it is really not easy even for the experienced player, and for the beginner, the task is completely impossible.

An uncomfortable marching magazine makes up a strange map duet. But also from this embarrassing situation, there is an ingenious and simple way out: you can download a map of the volcanic island of Vanderfell or just Morrowind on some large game resource and print it on the printer. Such an original addition will make the game more interesting and, most importantly, understandable. On a thorough study of the entire territory will take a decent amount of time, but its flow behind the game is almost imperceptible.

Moving from one settlement to another on their own two for the duration will be equal to a leisurely morning promenade in the park, so it is recommended to use at least some sort of local location the local live transport, the appearance of which amuses and admires simultaneously.


The traveler will be waiting for problems…

Morrowind is fairly considered not only a worthy sequel to the TES series but also its apogee, equal to which in the skill of performing smart mechanics and the epic atmosphere was not found until now. The game still finds connoisseurs due to its felt seriousness, stunning role-playing system, gameplay not simplified to the level of perception of children of preschool age, excellent relaxation sound, and graphics with an emphasis on the creation of Mother Nature.

There are almost no drawbacks, not counting the dampened devices for orientation in the game world and the specifics of the game’s design, flowing from the advantage to the defect, depending on the player’s views on pure fantasy.

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