In 2019, the game will be released, canceled 25 years ago

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Hardcore was to be released on the Sega Mega Drive (in America – Sega Genesis). In 1994, the publisher of the game, the company Psygnosis, closed all projects for Mega Drive, to focus on more modern devices. At the time of cancellation, entertainment was almost ready. In 2010, the founders of DICE Andreas Axelsson (Andreas Axelsson) and Olof Gustafsson (Olof Gustafsson) brought a working hardcore for Xbox 360 to the event Datastorm. The authors told about the project and stated that they still count on the release.

Rights to Hardcore remained with Psygnosis, which was later acquired by Sony. Apparently, the Japanese corporation managed to agree to a small publisher of Strictly Limited Games – it will release the forgotten work of DICE. On its website, Strictly Limited writes that it is finalizing Hardcore (which the publisher calls the name of the worker) on the Sega Mega Drive. Then the game will be transferred to modern devices – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Hardcore will be released in 2019.

Link in YouTube: Project Hardcore РOfficial Reveal Trailer

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