Microsoft confirmed that Halo Infinite is the sequel to Halo 5


Microsoft has long stated that it wants to get rid of the numbering in the names of the games of the series Halo. The first bell was Halo Infinite, but the players did not understand whether it was a direct continuation.

Jeff Easterling from the studio 343 Industries decided to put all the points over, emphasizing that Halo Infinite literally is Halo 6, although it is not called so. In other words, we are waiting for a direct sequel Halo 5.

This is Halo 6. Just consider this game Halo 6. Do not think of it as a strange prequel – this is the next story. The next chapter in what is happening.

The head of the studio, Chris Lee, by the way, already confirmed that Halo Infinite is the direct sequel to Halo 5 and will focus on the history of Master Chif.

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