Rage 2 locations are open for research from the very beginning of the game


The developers of Rage 2 from Avalanche and id Software do not want to have any limitations in the exploration of the game world. From the very beginning, the entire open world of the project will be at your disposal and ready for comprehensive research – even including a meeting with the final boss. You are free to spend as much time in this world as you want, and the longer you wander, the more powerful your character will become.

This is different from how most modern games are played in the open world. Developers also very seriously approached the task of making the world of Rage 2 colorful and visually appealing. The original Rage was colorless, for which it was also criticized – among other things. In addition, the game world will be structured and divided into biome regions that are significantly different from each other.

Link to the project: bethesda.net

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