Rise of Angels and protection from darkness


Rise of Angels – the continuation of the browser MMO. The game tells of a world where Darkness consumed all living things and made powerful creatures destroy everything in their path. A few survivors rallied and erected the Hovering City. The Legion of the Burning Light, which protects the last stronghold of survivors, desperately needs new warriors. The company CreaGames assures that Rise of Angels stands out for its visual component, as well as a variety of modes and mechanics. Like, previously all this met separately, but only Rise of Angels reduces so many different types of gameplay in one game.

The key place Rise of Angels gives to the battles. Players fight for the title of the Arena Champion, and the guilds for possession of the locks. In addition, there is a pile of additional modes and events: from “World Boss” to Tower Defense and “Battle of Monsters.” Events can be for both PvE and PvP. Bleeding opens up wide possibilities for improving the combat characteristics of the character, and the possibilities of customization are almost limitless and include wings, armor, weapons, mounts, goddesses, auras and so on. You can check the power of your hero in battles with bosses, which are over 200 pieces.

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