Valve prematurely launched


On Steam there is a platform for live broadcasts, but Valve does not develop it almost. The natural result is that the playground is empty. But, it seems, the company will give a serious kick to the Steam streams in the coming days. The inhabitants of the Network noticed that Valve registered the domain The Cnet portal began to track the site and at some point actually saw a broadcast platform that looked like Twitch.

According to Cnet, the interface is similar to the interface of the updated Steam chat. In this case, the platform allows you to invite friends to watch the broadcast and together discuss the events – both in text and invoice. Voice chat works through the browser, but selectively: as Cnet says, so far only Chrome, the Steam client and Microsoft Edge are suitable. We actively refer to Cnet, because was quickly disabled. Valve provided an official comment to the press: it turns out that the site is being prepared specifically for The International 2018, the main cyber sports event in Dota 2. What Cnet saw was a closed test run and leaked to the public by accident.

We assume that will not work exclusively within The International. Firstly, the name hinted that the service is connected to all Steam, and not just to Dota 2. Secondly, Valve is preparing a mobile Steam Video application that will allow watching videos purchased via Steam on mobile devices. Perhaps, and Steam Video will be somehow connected. The main fights of The International will be held from August 20 to 25. We believe that service will be available to all comers simultaneously with the start of the final part of the tournament, that is, on August 20.

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