What is known about Anthem


Executive producer BioWare Mark Darra issued another portion of the details of the MMO-action game Anthem on Twitter, touching on various aspects of the game. For example, weapons and combat equipment differ in the game by the simple fact that the weapon carries your character in your hands, while the equipment is built into an exoskeleton suit. This gives rise to one more difference: you can shoot from combat equipment even in flight, but the weapon is used only when you can stop.

“Fortresses”, which is an example of end-game content in the game, not all will be located underground. Compass in the user interface will display the presence of competitors, and the game itself will not support the fashion. Another interesting fact about Lora game. The ruins scattered around the world of Anthem, both belong to mankind, and “to something else.” For example, the gods who left the world of the game, as mentioned in the early presentations.

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