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Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released in 2001, and by that time serious shooters on the theme of World War II were counted on the fingers. Returning to the castle of Wolfenstein was just in time. She is notable for the fact that she succeeds in combining in her plot the Second World War and subversive operations with magic, experiments on the resurrection of the dead and the creation of super soldiers, and for all this delirium, Wolfenstein’s story does not repel but draws to herself.

So, in fact, with the games. Remember at least Wolfenstein 3D almost ten years of exposure, since we are talking about its sequel. The mouths then opened much wider than their physiological possibilities, their eyes unnaturally rounded and envy. Fortunately, the company Gray Matter did not have the courage not to touch the old hit. Therefore, from the original, there was nothing left but the name of the slavery, replenishment of health with food (fortunately, not a dog), collecting deliberately hidden away treasures and, of course, the Fritzes, Gans, Heinrichs, and Obersturmbannfuhrer in huge numbers.

In the courtyard all the same World War II, forty-third year. The plans of the High Command did not change a bit. The creation of an army of committed soldiers is on the agenda by number one, pushing back the development of the notorious atomic bomb. In addition, the head of Schutzstaffel, Herr Himmler, finally went crazy and imagined himself a direct descendant of Henry the First, the founder of the Saxon dynasty. Two SS units – the Paranormal Research Department and the Special Projects Division – are carrying out activities in the direction of creating the Uber Soldat, or, more simply, the cast iron fighter, who is all insecure. Some dig the grave of the German king, others combine advanced prostheses with living matter. The connection between the two divisions is to be clarified to Mr. Blazhkovich, the agent of the Office of Secret Activities, who has been loafing about a good number of years.

In short, overgrown with secrets, the Third Reich will feed the fantasy of writers and writers for a long time to come. A certain step has already been taken. In addition to the usual soldier, a specially trained guard with a fifth-size bust and uber cans with brains, you have to kick all the inarticulate undead who happily in the dark crypts, disturbed by blunt-archaeologists.


Archaeologists have found out …

For now, everything is limited to banal zombies and … poorly speaking German soldiers. More precisely, not talking. For some reason, the eternal love of the parody of other nations, characteristic, apparently, all without exception, sometimes comes to ridiculous. Carters in good English, but with a bad German accent, they evoke a lively smile and endless sympathy for those citizens of Deutschland who will reasonably resent such vandalism. A drunken martinet, fun singing “Ya-a, ya-a, ya-ah!” and asks for “… and a bottle of rum” as a continuation, written without a single mistake, the notes want to give more credibility and national flavor, and all without exception the characters simply had to be voiced by the Germans themselves, and not cheap parodists from the local Hamlet Theater. Sadly, such a “trifle” along with a sour stereo, which is not capable of an ideal Q3 engine, conceals a decent dose of the atmosphere, once again reminding of the almost flawless from this point of view Undying and AvP 2.

Fortunately, the disgusting pronunciation of the Germans and the average sound is the only serious defect of Zuruck in SchloY die Wolfenstein, except for the boring to obscene rollers with quadrangular commanders-in-chief. Belinsky, who died prematurely in me, can rest at least until the next review. And the Gestapo themselves are more than compensating for their proneness with cheerful flying helmets, competent falling of bodies and remarkable intellect.

Perfectly finding the way to the enemy, crawling along the stairs and throwing back grenades the soldiers cause, if not admiration, then frank surprise. Of course, the ideal is still far away, and everything still looks like a Soviet film about the war, where the dumber Germans are just standing in one place cows, but still it’s nice to look at the Fritz, running around the corner for reloading automatic weapons and changing weapons depending on the situation .


Dexterous fighters, with quiet submachine guns

In response to such a manifestation of brain work, B.J. Blazkowicz is able to imagine if not his own intellect in the amount of a modest twenty-five points, then a very decent arsenal, which he manages to carry with him is not clear what. Luger, the indispensable Colt and Thompson, the trophy Schmeisser, three varieties of sniper rifles, two kinds of grenades, dynamite, experimental venom gun and Tesla, a handsome but utterly useless flamethrower, a mighty kick with a boot and even a saving knife for cutting chicken legs, young ripper of the stomachs of the Hitler Youth. And if all of the above can still somehow shuffle in his pockets, bent over three deaths, then drag on him five pieces of panzerfaust – an occupation not for the weak in spirit.

As a gift, the most insatiable strategic locations are stationary guns, which carry Gansovsky helmets at the expense of one or two and do not require any ammunition. Sadly, this is the only subject of the environment that can be used. The flexibility of Red Faction in RTCW does not even smell.

But our superman does not despair and contrives among all this inviolability of the landscape to find an occupation for the mind. Carrying a heavy load, he is able to still jump and even run for short distances. To such excesses, reminding us of the existence of the laws of nature and the weakness of the human body, one can also refer to the slight swaying of a real sniper who seems never to be averse to drinking, a rather tangible “twitching” of the sight when hit with a red color accompanying him and a characteristic dispersion The bullets flying, for example, from the miserable MR40 anywhere, but not on purpose.

But only death from the defeat in the leg of the sniper rifle, no one else has decorated. Although no one prohibits referring to the constant shortfalls during development and the existence of the “lumps of death” banned by the convention with a shifted center of gravity. But why not shoot, peeping around the corner, personally for me and remained a mystery. It seems that Mr. Blazhkovich is still unstable.

return_to_castle_wolfenstein.1920xauto (1).jpg

Enemies are coming !!!

For haters of any Nazi symbolism and portraits of Adolf in the game, there is the possibility to destroy these items. If you saw a banner with a swastika, you can rifle it with bullets and it will tear, you will see Hitler’s face, plug it with a knife and the portrait will break into pieces. Similarly, one can act with boards, to which the Nazi plans are attached, and other utensils, but not with everything.

In 2001, the game looked just awesome, it was considered beautiful and modern, although to whom it is now important. But playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein today, her graphics, no matter how much you can enjoy the gameplay and go through the game from start to finish.


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