Tekken 7 – details of the new update are disclosed


Company Bandai Namco dated the date of appearance in Tekken 7 of the first two characters announced earlier in August of the new season of the game. Already next month, on September 6th, Roster’s roster will be replenished by fighters Anna Williams and Lei Oolong. They will be available for purchase as part of Season Pass 2 for $ 25.99, so separate from each other for $ 4.99.

On the same day, developers will release the following free update, with the release of which:

In the scene mode, new functions “Simple Combo” and “Assist” will appear. They will also be available in all other modes except the tournament mode;

The work of the ranking system will change and it will be possible to monitor the progress of its rank with the help of an added scale (it will not be visible to the opponents);

Link in YouTube: 「TEKKEN7」DLC5 プロモーションPV

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