Demo-prequel Transference for PS4


Ubisoft released a demo version of its thriller Transference, which is a story prequel, and at the same time showed a new trailer. In the demo of The Walter Test Case, the players will assume the role of a character who became part of the experiment of the mad scientist Raymond Hase a few years before the main events of Transference. The demo version is already available, but only on the PS4.

Transference will tell the story of the same Haze, who uploaded data about his family to the artificially created simulation. The name of the game refers to a psychological phenomenon, which consists of the unconscious reproduction of previously experienced emotions and feelings. The game is created in cooperation with the SpectreVision film company, which was founded by actor Elijah Wood.

The release of the game will be held this fall on PC, Xbox One and PS4 with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PS VR.

Link in YouTube: The Walter Test Case: Demo Trailer | PS4

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