Dying Light: Bad Blood in PUBG style, but with zombies


Developers from the company Techland announced the release date of their game Dying Light: Bad Blood in the genre of a battle royale in early access. It became known that the game will be available in the digital service Steam already in September 2018. Dying Light: Bad Blood is a new game in the genre of “The Royal Battle”, which combines PvP and PvE elements. Gamers have to fight with 11 opponents, as well as with a horde of zombies running AI to stay the last survivor. Players will also have to look for weapons, collect blood samples, move along a multi-level map using parkour, to eventually fly away from the place where the zombie apocalypse occurred.

The developers said that they want to give gamers a completely new gaming experience that will differ from the rest of the games in the genre of battle royale. According to them, they read reviews and messages from gamers, both in forums and in social networks, in order to eventually expand the multiplayer games in which the threat will come not only from other players but from hordes of infected zombies that also represent a serious danger. Studio Techland also added that the game Dying Light: Bad Blood is based on such key principles as freedom, a fast pace of movement, a constant threat emanating from the infected, as well as ingenious and brutal melee. All this together should provide gamers with a completely new gaming experience in the battle royale mode. The developers also planned two global game tests before the release of Dying Light: Bad Blood, which will be held from 25 to 26 August and from 1 to 2 September. It is reported that registration for them is already open and will last until August 22.

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