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After the success of Need For Speed, which agitated the gaming community, it was quite logical to expect EA to continue its victorious march through the cities and towns, holding a banner with the inscription “NFS”. The next game of the series came out three years after the original and instantly disappointed in itself a significant part of critics and avid on the bright epithets of reviewers of readers of computer magazines. Perhaps the only advantage of the game was called … numerous videos, filmed specifically for NFS 2 and, of course, pleased the eyes of any fan of arcade racing.

The main trouble that awaited the player, hoping for a lot of buns and surprises from EA, was a small number of trails and cars. By modern standards, 8 cars, many of which existed in single copies, and six looped tracks really look ridiculous. But for 1997, such indicators were very acceptable. Moreover, given that, for a while, Need For Speed ​​2 Special Edition came out – an exclusive re-release of the PC game, in which four cars and one new racing track were added.

The next Stalin strike by EA on the fans was the change of principles, if you will, the very essence of the game. From now on, the tracks, as already noted, were looped, which is certainly a serious drawback: remote races through the streets of cities and beaches were replaced by races in all the same cities, but this time everything looked … not so cute. It’s one thing to know that the track is as straight as a stick, but to realize that there, behind the “invisible” wall, is meant life, and quite another – to roll along the lurid settlements, smoothly passing into the desert and … back. On the other hand, the trails began to look more spectacular: an airplane will fly over the riders, the train will rush, and then, let’s face it, your rival will crash into the crates scattered on the track, and this box will fly to you … In general, the design of the tracks is probably not left indifferent: yes, the ring. But beautiful and interesting. Moreover, local tracks are several times more complicated than those that were in Need For Speed, and turns are much more dangerous. Moreover, the servants of the law were removed from the game, which was also not to the liking of many. However, this solution has some positive aspects: firstly, police officers are absolutely unnecessary on racing tracks, and secondly, some routes are quite difficult to master and the presence of police on them would translate into a real hassle for not the most clever player that launched NFS 2 that “cars roll.”

Need_for_Speed_II_gameplay.jpgOn the road

However, the game can not be called a complex game: management and the physical model are not going to bother the player at all, in the game, there is even a perfect oval shape, on which, once successfully holding the gas button, absolutely nothing prevents our superiority. Unless, of course, you do not strike the wall with a side: in all directions, a sheaf of sparks will fly (by the car, of course, no traces), and the speed will noticeably decrease. It’s hardly possible that this moment can be given to a game of realism. This very realism is extremely necessary, except that when the camera is positioned “in the cabin”. Unfortunately, in future EA will refuse this camera. Very, very sorry …

As already mentioned above, cars in the game are mostly expensive and often unique. Here you and Ferrari F50, and McLaren (202Mph), and Lotus Esprit V8 – to each of the eight cars were shot, which, of course, is a great advantage of NFS 2. more precisely, it was, because now “live video” no one is surprised. In any case, * pleasantly * you will not be surprised – good, a global network is at hand and any video can be watched without buying a very expensive box with a game that critics dipped in the slops. In the Special Edition, four more cars were added, for example, the 355th Ferrari, but by then it was almost useless.

NFS2SE_dxwnd.gifBeautiful interiors of Ferrari

The thing is that graphically the game was not much different from Need For Speed ​​Special Edition. The same palette, the same blurry textures, albeit at a higher resolution. Even the increase in the number of polygons on the models of cars is not something critical – outwardly the game is still not far away from its predecessor. But it significantly detached from it in terms of system requirements: P-90 with 16 Mb RAM versus 486th and 8 Mb RAM – the difference is quite noticeable. And note that the first requirements are minimal for NFS 2, and the second ones are optimal for NFS SE (by the way, even at high resolutions the game did not require Pentium machines for its launch). For a normal game, P-133 and 32 Mb RAM were required, and after the release of NFS 2 SE, which supported the 3Dfx products, some graphics accelerator was required. Of course, in the Special Edition graphics improved significantly (one of the codes for SE shows a rainbow on the screen …), but all these newfangled changes were already useless to nobody: after a fight with their fists, they do not wave. Of course, someone bought himself in the SE collection, but in general NFS 2 became one of the most commercially unsuccessful parts of the series.

But all the possible drawbacks of the game, which tend to boil down to the uncomplicated term “secondary”, are more than compensated by the split-screen mode, which allows you to play this game together on one computer. This mode, as well as the view from the cockpit, EA threw stories into the trash, but all the epithets addressed to him can only be expressed by superlatives. I think no one will question the fact that the most disgusting and miserable game is instantly transformed if a good friend and friend are sitting next to you, whom you offered to “drive on a couple.” And if you also take into account that NFS 2 is not disgusting and not wretched … in general, this regime has prolonged the life of NFS 2 for many years.

need-for-speed-ii-se_2.pngOrganic menu

It may appear that the game was unsuccessful or second-rate. Of course, this is not so. Need For Speed ​​2 is an excellent continuation of a great game, which, of course, differs little from its prequel, but, nevertheless, it has unique features that reveal the series from a new, unusual side. This colorful graphics, a sense of speed, a certain amount of interactivity of the environment and a large number of secrets reserved by developers for players loyal to the NFS business.

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