Historical games. Road Rash 3: Tour De Force

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Road Rash is one of the rare genres of the genre, and given the high-quality performance, the popularity of the project is guaranteed. It seems that Electronic Arts is the only company that makes video games at the junction of the genres of racing simulators and road wars. Just imagine how you rush at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour on a custom motorcycle and try to hit the opponents with a chain!

The goal of the video game is very simple, you have to win in all racing competitions. Now let’s move on to the means of achieving such an elevated goal. It’s true that most of the tracks offered to players can be passed, practically without resorting to the use of weapons, but what’s in this fun? In all video games from the Road Rash series, active use of weapons on the road is encouraged, in addition, you are allowed to take away weapons from opponents. Once all the opponents are defeated in a motorcycle battle, no one will stop you from becoming the first. At your disposal will be a wide arsenal of improvised tools: knuckleballs, chains, batons and a number of other devices of this kind. The first you can become, only if you overtake 14 of the same crazy and rushing to victory motorcyclists like you. Positive in the game is the loading time, the game is loaded faster, the predecessors.

Do you want a story? Greed and money are the only things you will hear about from the game. You, the racer and want to be the richest, most famous and most famous biker in the world. No one will stop you, you will fight on the road for the right to be the first, like gladiators in a coliseum. And it’s interesting to replay this game again and again, which is important for the game project.

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Fighting in the jump. For the 8th place

In the RR has its own zest. Including in a situation where you run out of cash to repair your own bike, after the next race. You go to the category of “running man” who absolutely does not own the vehicle and whose purpose is to catch the owner of the bike, knock him down with his fist and saddle his iron horse, to be back in the game and have a chance to win the race!

In the same position as a “racer without an iron horse”, you will find yourself, if you can not pay a fine to a policeman. Let and be in such a situation is extremely extreme, but it’s much more interesting than just losing the race. Life always gives you a chance – take the opponent’s bike and fly to the finish, as in nothing happened! This is life in a big city … You are on your own! From the point of view of game mechanics, the implementation is amazing.

The game differs from previous games of the series by the presence of a wider arsenal of weapons and tracks scattered around the globe. Graphics have become more realistic. In the third part of the series, we will see digitized objects and animation. And some animation will seem funny to you. The sound in Road Rash III is much better than in Road Rash 1,2. The clanking of weapons, strikes, collisions has become much more spectacular. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. For example, you can hear the sound of a blow, while you managed to successfully dodge an enemy attack, such a bug happens infrequently and does not harm the game process. Sometimes, your motorcycle and an opponent’s motorcycle can collide. And they mate with each other, continuing the movement in one direction, and the oncoming cars, if they meet you on the way, will pass through you, without doing you any harm. This is a much more essential gameplay bug.


Route Selection Menu

If you are knocked off a motorcycle, then you have to run to him on your two on the road surface. If the motorcycle is on the opposite side of the road, while you are crossing the road, you can be hit by cars. After each such collision, you will, as if nothing had happened, rise to your feet and continue your happy run to your two-wheeled vehicle. This can happen many times before you start the motor of your bike again and continue the race. In theory, we must carefully cross the road, passing the oncoming cars. But during the game process, you will not care. In this way, you will quickly return to the race and catch up with rivals.

Road Rash III is a terrific game, even if there are a few shortcomings. If you win the race, you will see the winners’ screensaver, and if you lose the race, then you will have another screen saver – a clip for losers. Road Rash III – one of the best games in the genre of road wars. If you are interested in games in this rare genre, then you simply have to play in RR3. Even if you are fond of, for example, the version for the PlayStation, then pay attention to the version for the console Sega MegaDrive – Road Rash 3,2,1. In particular, the third part, it has short downloads and stunning gameplay. You can safely recommend the game to get acquainted.

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