In Just Cause 4 for gamescom 2018 showed a tornado


Company Avalanche Studios has presented a new trailer of its game Just Cause 4 with a huge open world. Particular emphasis in the video for Gamescom 2018 authors made a demonstration of spectacular weather conditions and phenomena, such as tornadoes.

In the new gameplay Just Cause 4, the authors showed the passage of one of the missions, in which the permanent hero Rico uses a tornado to destroy the enemy camp. The hero relies on a parachute, wingsuit and his hook for quick movement, seizing transport, and destroying enemies from the air. At the same time, the tornado in the game Just Cause 4 is fully calculated in real time, and affects all objects in the open world, destroying and capturing everything in its path. However, in the world of Just Cause 4 enemies use certain technologies that restrain the tornado.

Rico enters the camp to destroy the restraining turrets that block the tornado. In Just Cause 4 gamers there is an advanced and diverse arsenal, each weapon in which has an alternative mode that greatly changes its properties. So, the railgun in Just Cause 4 also allows you to fire with auxiliary drones, which Rico can then use as capture points for his hook. Just Cause 4 from Square Enix is ​​released on December 4, 2018 on the platforms of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Link in YouTube: Just Cause 4: Tornado Gameplay Reveal [ESRB]

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