Sky News told about the growth of sales of button phones


The popularity of old-fashioned devices for the first time in a few years began to return: last year, global sales of push-button phones grew by 5%, while smartphone sales increased by only 2%, Sky News explained Last year, sales of mobile phone buttons in the world, whose functions are limited the opportunity to make and make calls, grew by 5%, according to Sky News, saying that in the past few years, this figure has increased for the first time. Sales of smartphones in 2017, according to his data, grew only by 2%.

Who exactly conducted the relevant research, the channel does not explain but emphasizes that the button phones, whose popularity is returning, are known in the industry as a means of communication, allowing their owners to protect themselves from round-the-clock access to social networks. Smartphones with access to the Internet, as Sky News notes, have become so indispensable for people that, according to recent studies, on average their owners check information on their gadgets every 12 minutes.

Exactly the same dependence, according to the channel, was also from Mary Erskine from the London suburb of Tuikenem. “The other day my friend told me:” You check your smartphone 150 times a day, “the girl told Sky News, noting, however, that she simply hated the fact that she” was constantly in the smartphone. ” “You always sit on Facebook and Instagram pages, and the more you do it, the more you feel that you need it,” Erskine explained.

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