Battlefield V showed the graphics of a new generation of Nvidia RTX


Among the first games that have received support for the technology of ray tracing in real time from Nvidia, there will be a Battlefield V shooter from the company DICE, coming out this fall. The authors showed a new trailer for their project, demonstrating the advantages of the new technology.

During the GeForce Gaming Celebration on the eve of gamescom 2018, developers from DICE showed how impressive their Battlefield V shooter on the Frostbite engine is, combining realistic destructibility of objects with technologies for calculating lighting and reflections in real time. Thanks to this, players can see the reflections of explosions and shots both in the surrounding space, for example, in the windows of buildings or the surface of the car, and in the eyes of the characters participating in the scene.

In addition to Battlefield V, real-time ray tracing technology will also receive other upcoming game releases, for example, Metro: Exodus. The new line of video cards Nvidia RTX will go on sale since September 20 this year and will give a number of benefits to gamers.

Link in YouTube: Battlefield V: Official GeForce RTX Trailer

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