Conquering the tops of global strategies on consoles. Stellaris


Global strategies such as Civilization or Crusader Kings are considered the prerogative of the PC because they are full of all menus, labels and other controls that require a mouse cursor. But Paradox Interactive felt that console gamers also want to feel great rulers, and announced Stellaris: Console Edition.

As the publisher assures, Stellaris will become the first full-fledged representative of the genre on consoles. Console Edition is based on the version 1.7 “Bradbury”, which was released on the PC in May-June 2017. For comparison: the current patch on computers at the moment is 2.1.2. Porting deals with Tantalus Media, a developer of console options Cities: Skylines. Stellaris: Console Edition will have two versions: standard and deluxe. In the deluxe is included additions Plantoids Species Pack, Leviathans Story Pack and Utopia Expansion.

Stellaris: Console Edition will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Instead of the release date – a vague “soon.”

Link in YouTube: Stellaris: Console Edition – Announcement trailer (PEGI)

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