The new trailer The Surge 2


Publishing house Focus Home Interactive published a trailer role-based action movie The Surge 2. Roller demonstrates almost a minute of gameplay.

In the video, the protagonist explores the location of “Park” – an artificial forest created by people. Hunters are hunters around the area – mercenaries who are looking for some kind of powerful being. Authors advise to beware of hunting traps, camouflage devices and out of control guards of the park.

According to Focus Home, the second The Surge will preserve and improve what the fans loved the original for – complex battles with the ability to beat the extremities of the enemy and a deep pumping system. The action will unfold in a ruined city, at levels with an even more complex architecture than before. Also, the developers promise new skills, weapons, implants and so on.

The release of The Surge 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will take place in 2019.

Link in YouTube: The Surge 2 РGameplay First Look

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