10 minutes of gameplay Twin Mirror



Twin Mirror appeared at gamescom 2018 together with a new trailer, where DONTNOD revealed one of the key features of the game – the halls of the mind in which the main character restores certain events. About how exactly they work, you can find out in the game play record. A protagonist named Sam wakes up at the motel and discovers that his shirt is soiled in someone else’s blood. Sam does not remember the last night, so he resorts to deep analysis of the situation. The hero immerses himself in the mental space and builds a room there, similar to his real room in the motel. Sam jumps between the real world and the halls of the mind in search of hints and tries to reproduce the chain of his own actions.

It seems that at the end of each episode with the halls of the mind Twin Mirror will assess your detective abilities on a scale of three stars. In addition, the video represents the Double – an imaginary twin of Sam, with whom you can chat. Twin Mirror is divided into three episodes. The first series is called Lost on Arrival and will be released in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Link in YouTube: 10 Minutes of New Twin Mirror Gameplay РGamescom 2018



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