Gameplay trailer Call of Cthulhu -Knowledge is dangerous?


At gamescom 2018 Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio brought a demo of Call of Cthulhu. For those who do not get to the exhibition, the authors published a gameplay trailer, covering some details of the gameplay. The protagonist is Edward Pearce, a veteran of the war and a private detective who suffers from alcohol dependence. He arrives on the island of Darkwater and begins to investigate the deaths at the Hawkins estate.

In the video, Pierce encounters a gloomy gardener Winchester, who is not happy with the incomprehensible visitor. The main character can frighten the intractable character, hang him little noodles on his ears or quietly bypass. Judging by the authors’ words, many problems in the game are solved in different ways. Call of Cthulhu also has a skill system. It depends on it, how much use you will learn by looking at the picture, book or ritual. Bleeding will come in handy when searching for clues and in dialogues.

However, knowledge has a price, so sometimes it is better to adhere to blissful ignorance. The more mysteries Pierce reveals, the closer he gets to the truth, the greater the chance that he will go mad. Call of Cthulhu is released on October 30, 2018 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Do not confuse this game with The Sinking City – they have many similar elements, but different teams are working on the development. By the way, The Sinking City at gamescom 2018 also announced itself.

Link in YouTube: Call of Cthulhu – Gameplay Trailer

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