Wireless LG headphones with Google helpers


In anticipation of the early start of the annual exhibition of consumer electronics IFA 2018, LG Electronics introduced new wireless headsets Tone: Tone Platinum SE and Tone Ultra SE. The first model was integrated with the Google Virtual Assistant and the ability to translate unfamiliar languages. And the headphones Tone Ultra SE got a very unusual feature in the form of an external speaker.

Model LG Tone Platinum SE was the first portable device in the line, in which, at the click of a button, the functions of an interpreter in real time and Google Assistant are available. Users will be able to activate the virtual assistant without using the phrase “Okay, Google”, getting quick access to the right information. Also, with the help of one button, you can use the Translator service to communicate with people in unfamiliar languages ​​without obstacles.

In LG Tone Platinum SE, the company’s engineers built in a balanced anchor and dynamic radiator, creating a combination commonly used in earbuds for professional musicians. A balanced anchor produces pure high-frequency sound, and dynamic radiators provide powerful bass. The headphones will be presented in black, blue and golden colors.

Another novelty was the LG Tone Ultra SE headset, equipped with an external mono speaker. With it, users can make calls and listen to music. At the same time, the speaker does not muffle background sounds, which is useful in places where attention to the surrounding environment is important. As in LG Tone Platinum SE, this model uses a dual MEMS microphone that provides high clarity of sound during calls and also supports the mobile application Tone & Talk.

More information about the headphones will be presented at the exhibition IFA 2018, which will be held from August 31 to September 5.

Link to the project: www.theverge.com

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