Approximate prices for Intel Core i9-9900K


Soon, the expected release of new processors Intel family Coffee Lake Refresh, but the prices for them have not yet been announced. But some retailers have already begun to take pre-orders. According to the online store from the Netherlands, the cost of the top Intel Core i9-9900K is 561 euros. The model Core i7-9700K is estimated at 436 euros. True, it takes into account the local analog of VAT at a rate of 21 percent and the seller’s margin. So you can talk about the cost of 500 and 400 dollars, respectively. Thus, the future Core i9-9900K will be approximately 37 percent more expensive than the current six-core flagship Core i7-8700K. The Core i7-9700K has a difference of about 10 percent from the Core i7-8700K. And in comparison with Ryzen 7 2700X “blue” chip will be more expensive in half.


The release of new processors is expected in October. “Ninety-ninth” is supposed to get a range of frequencies of 3.6-4.7 GHz for all cores and up to 5.0 GHz for one and two, which theoretically makes it the most powerful mass eight-core processor on the market.


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