Authors of popular Android firmware released a major update


Developers revived in 2016 custom Android-firmware Paranoid after a long silence still announced the release of a major update. One of the key changes was the transition to a more current version of the Android Oreo operating system. Already, a fresh assembly is available for installation on a number of devices. In addition, the authors shared their plans for the future.

They also told that they are working on a new site for their project, but they are still distributing the firmware through third-party portals. In addition, they are busy fixing bugs, expanding the list of supported devices and publishing the source code to GitHub. Also, developers are ready to take on their team of new specialists who will help in improving the firmware.

As for the updated version of Paranoid Android based on Android Oreo, but now it is available only for several devices from Sony.

Link to the project:

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