Call of Duty: WWII. DLC with UFO


Call of Duty: WWII is preparing to complete its relay of multiplayer entertainment in order to transmit it to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The developers announced that on August 28 the final, fourth addition from the season ticket will start. The additive is called Shadow War. It includes three maps for multiplayer, a new task for the regime “War” and the completion of the storyline of cooperative “Zombie Nazis”.

Maps for multiplayer are as follows:

• Airship – a secret base high in the Alps. Of attractions – moored zeppelin.
• Chancellery – reinforcement in the French chancellery. The battle takes place at night.
• Excavation – a mine in Algiers, where opponents kept gold and priceless works of art. There is also a cemetery of tanks.

In the “War” mode, Operation Arcane appears. Players will go to a secret research station in the Austrian mountains. Allies must enter the laboratory, steal enemy designs and destroy secret technologies, which includes a full hangar of flying saucers. In the final chapter of Zombie Nazis, users will plunge into the “unfathomable depths” of a forgotten city to end the cult of Thule. The fight against the ancient rulers will help samples of top-secret weapons.

August 28 Shadow War will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Players on the PC and Xbox One will have to wait about a month.

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