Gamescom 2018: Strange Brigade – the release of the trailer for co-op action


Rebellion company released the release trailer of the adventure cooperative action in the setting of the 30s Strange Brigade.

Buried 4 thousand years ago in the tomb, the witch-queen of the Net woke from a dream. And together with her, a whole army of mummies, minotaurs, giant scorpions and other evil spirits rose up. Explore the ruins, solve puzzles and look for treasured treasures, making their way through the crowds of the undead in dashing battles. Choose one of the five characters with their unique weapons, supernatural abilities and tactics to battle with the awakened evil of ancient civilization.

The game will go on sale on August 28 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Link in YouTube: Strange Brigade РLaunch Trailer | PC, PS4, Xbox One

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