Historical games. Half-Life

Talking about Half-Life, you can hardly do without a cliche like “a game that changed the world.” However, right now such loud phrases are appropriate: a modern player is hard to believe, but 3D-shooters did not always tell us the story. Of course, they had a plot, but in the status of a poor relative. To the genre Atlant, DOOM, a “Readme” file with a short legend was attached; Later games fed us the story using video inserts and cutscenes that were tightly clamped between acts of continuous firing. Gabe Newell with the team for the first time went further and did, in effect, a simple thing: his first-person shooter was just a shooter-from-first-person – without stops, respites, and exceptions.

Events unfold right around the player, he participates in them, interacts with other characters and (of course!) Kills many monsters. From the object of ridicule, a shy scientist in horn-rimmed glasses to the savior of mankind, Gordon Freeman evolves right before our eyes, but we do not see his face. As a result, a content rough reception, but the effect of the evolution of the player is achieved.

The team Valve tried first to populate the player in the living world, and only then – to give a weapon. That’s why Half-Life has a solid story frame. Scientists are jumping anecdotes, the Marines yell “Forget about Freeman!”, And the alien doggies of the Bullsquid emit spirit with a mournful ultrasound addressed to their relatives. We understand that all this is some kind of black magic, and we have only a little polygonal model, but we can not do anything: we believe.

MV5BOGJlM2NkNzgtMGM1Yy00MzYwLWI3MzEtMDRiMDhiZmEyNjMzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzE2MzQyMDE@._V1_.jpg–°olleagues and comrades

Locations follow one another in the tempo of the waltz – very quickly and logically so that the player suddenly does not get bored. Open spaces and blue sky are replaced by some underground communications. The whole chapter we are having fun on the trolley. At some point, the “Black Mesa” fatally annoying, but Valve in time solves this problem: the teleport throws Gordon Freeman into the vast expanses of the border world – Xena.

Everyone who played for sure remembers the joy experienced when he saw the long-awaited help – Marines, and surprise – when it became clear that in fact, the military came to clear all witnesses of the incident. Many remember and with what pleasure after a whole chapter of crawling on the belly they pressed the button and burned three nasty tentacles in the jet engine test chamber. Everyone who walked the corridors of the “Black Mesa” to the end, something remained in the memory and in the heart.

Mounting, train at the beginning, test chamber, headcrabs, G-Man are just those memes that come to mind immediately. Without rallies and demonstrations, without a powerful PR campaign, Half-Life has become a part of modern culture. And he continues to live a busy public life, while fans throw out all the new tricks. So, the history with a group of scientists from CERN, involved in the famous Large Hadron Collider, became widely known. At the end of 2008, on one of the photos, an employee was seen who looked like Freeman to the point of confusion. Fans immediately gathered a package to Switzerland: mount, plush headcrab, manual on Half-Life and a note: “Tell Gordon Freeman, he knows what to do about it.” Physicists appreciated the joke – soon on the Internet there were photos where the same “Gordon” waved a gifted nail driver, and his colleague with a headcrab on his head depicts a zombie.

09a3a72be8865cad8e80-half-life-1998-925x544.jpgZombies attack Freeman, and the mount is waiting for his hour

But back to the retrospect. Gordon disappeared along with the mysterious G-Man, but the players really wanted additives. This was understood in Valve, but nothing, except a second walk through the “Black Mesa”, in a reasonable time could not offer. And then the studio Gearbox Software was commissioned to develop add-ons, in which the complex would walk other characters Half-Life. Marines Adrian Shepard was the first to follow the adventures, the following – the guard of the “Black Mesa” Barney Calhoun (he, by the way, owes Gordon beer). The plot lines of the original and the additions constantly intersect, and one can even see from the side how Gordon jumps into the teleporter in the Lambda complex.

For the guards and marines, we managed to play thanks to the developers themselves. But why not frolic in the slippery zombie skins? Or headcrabs? Or vortigaunts? Authors of Half-Life have released a “developer package”, the community quickly figured out what’s what and started to create. One can not help recalling Azure Sheep – one of the first professionally made amateur mods – another small milestone in the great history of video games.

But it’s quite obvious that Counter-Strike was the most important mode. What is it, do not need to tell. This is a cyber sport all: special forces vs. terrorists, M4 against AK-47. A game that survived a dozen disciplines on World Cyber Games. It is the engine of Half-Life (assembled, in turn, based on the engine of the first Quake) presented this fast, sharp, tactically beautiful and smart game for a long life. So from one idea, at least two brilliant series was born.

hl1_anatomy.jpgDesert around the laboratory “Black Mesa”

Half-Life has proven to the creators of 3D video games that you can bypass classical techniques and without going beyond the format of the actual game, tell a fascinating story and do it very personally, eye to eye. Of course, for Newell went many – just remember a lot of projects that chose the beaten path Valve. It is interesting that in three years Serious Sam appeared, in which everything was quite different: senseless firing from large guns on the hordes of a ridiculous alien enemy. It would seem, what connection between the thriller about Gordon Freeman and the arcade about Steep Sam? Obvious: Serious Sam is Half-Life vice versa.

And three years later Half-Life 2 was released. The sequel was waiting indecently for a long time and was very afraid that it would not be as cool as in the ninety-eighth. They were afraid in vain: it became even better. Bends of the script, Newtonian physics Source – and now we again become Gordon Freeman.

East European City 17 of HL 2 is beautiful, but we will never forget the dusty, little polygonal corridors of the original Half-Life. You can go through it again and again as if rereading your favorite book. And that’s why when Barney Calhoun in Half-Life 2 suddenly lifts his mount over his head and yells, “Hey, Gordon! I think you dropped something in the “Black Mesa”! “, I want to look thoughtfully in response, and then it’s true – to go look.

129K.gifThe insect is the weapon. Wants to bite


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