In the first gameplay, Devil’s Hunt with gamescom 2018 showed the superhuman abilities of the demon


Studio Layopi Games at the gaming exhibition gamescom 2018 showed a 10-minute demo of the adventure action game Devil’s Hunt. Players were able to visually familiarize themselves with the world of the game, the abilities of the protagonist and opponents.

In the demo version of Devil’s Hunt, the protagonist Desmond, who is a semi-human half-demon, is at the center of a global conflict of supernatural beings. Using his demonic abilities, the hero confronts a variety of creatures in close combat, using spectacular and brutal finishing. Also in the demo showed huge demon bosses, with whom protracted and complex battles are coming.

Interesting are the abilities of Desmond himself. Already at the very beginning of the game Devil’s Hunt, the hero not only owns a demonic hand, but also has crushing energy blows in his arsenal, and even is able to teleport for short distances, which is useful during the level research. The developers promise to implement the game’s exciting story, and turn the game into a successful franchise.

The game Devil’s Hunt is released on consoles and PC in 2019.

Link in YouTube:¬†Devil’s Hunt – Gameplay Demo (Gamescom 2018)

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