Rage 2 will be a single-player, but will receive a lot of new content after the release


While Bethesda persistently adds multiplayer elements to their games – Wolfenstein: Youngblood from cooperatives, Fallout 76 with a common online world, and Doom Eternal contain just two multiplayer modes, – Rage 2 will be a strictly single player. Despite this, Rage 2 will still get the features of modern projects on the model of “Game as a service” – it will be expressed in the long-term supportive support of new content. In a conversation with AusGamers id Software director Tim Willits stressed that the game is a strictly single player, but will receive updates, new content and paid add-ons after the release, and events for the community to keep players involved as long as possible.

And this is good news, considering that single-player games on the model “Game as a service” can turn out to be quite successful projects, as was the case with Final Fantasy 15 and Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

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