Stormdivers with arcade elements


During gamescom 2018, Engadget journalists talked to developers from Housemarque. Once this studio did exceptionally spectacular arcades, but in the end, too, decided to go in the direction of the royal battles.

Housemarque believes that Stormdivers need to be a classic royal battle only at the very beginning of the journey. We need to show the gaming community that people who have spent most of their career playing arcades can make Battle Royale and attract enough gamers to their side. Housemarque plans to introduce unexpected elements into Stormdivers. For example, battles with bosses or arcade sections in the style of “shoot them all.” The developers really went so unpopular: first show the usual royal battle, and then make it original and at least somehow return to your favorite work in difficult times. Nevertheless, Stormdivers will still differ from competitors from the start. For example, the game will have classes, each has its own ability to move (teleport, jerk, invisibility and so on). Also will have to look at the map more often – the classic blue and red zones take a variety of forms, and natural disasters can overtake even in a safe location.

Now you can sign up for beta testing. The release date is not yet reported, as is the exact list of target platforms.

Link in YouTube: STORMDIVERS Official Trailer (HD)

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