Fallout 3: Review

Project Van Buren, alleged Fallout 3 and did not see its logical end. And yet, after 10 years, the long-awaited continuation of one of the best role-playing games in history rests on store shelves. Immediately I want to do all the “I”. Before us is a great game, the best CRPG for the last time and, perhaps, the best PC-project of 2008.

But, the fears of the fans of the original dialogue were confirmed – it’s not the Fallout that we loved and knew. Yes, Bethesda did what it can do best – another variation on The Elder Scrolls. Created on the engine Oblivion, Fallout 3 is more similar to it, rather than on its predecessors. This was to be expected. To make games the way Black Isle Studios, knew only Black Isle itself.

However, the fact that the third part is not a classic Fallout should not deter you at all. Nothing better and more grandiose in the near future in the genre is still not foreseen. So let’s try to evaluate the next generation Fallout as it deserves. You do not need to have a trained eye to see that the creators have approached their creation with love and diligence. Which, in addition, were supplemented by skill and great money.

The huge budget of Fallout 3 is felt from the first frames. And it’s not just a “stellar” scoring composition. By the way, such comrades as Ron Perlman, Liam Nisson, and Malcolm McDowell were shown here. The game world is full of details. Attention is given to everything, every dash, every brick, stone. Yes, of course, the world of Fallout 3 is not a colorful, dense vegetation kingdom of Oblivion. But to the universe in which the end of the world has already happened, Bethesda was able to come up creatively, creating a solid, believable, very gloomy, but far from monotonous and boring setting.

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Dust, deserts, dead trees, abandoned cities, and villages, inhabited by people in rags will become really close to you. Monuments of human civilization can really cause an attack of sadness, and monstrous mutants scare. Most of all I liked that Fallout 3 game, in which everything is “really”. This has to do with the system of moral concepts. Evil is evil, good is good. And, despite the fact that the boundaries between them may seem blurred, a clear certainty that there is something, in fact, always present.

But back to the design elements. Initially, Fallout 3 is impressive. Many reviewers have already said that the moment of exit from the shelter is akin to the moment of exit from the sewage system in Oblivion. And we will agree with them. Just add that the feelings you experience are somewhat different. If in Cyrodiil you have experienced delight with admiration, then here is more the same delight, but already with some inner alarm. Most likely, you immediately notice that visually Fallout 3 is ennobled Oblivion. Yes, the textures have become better, but added detail. But, nevertheless, this is the level of 2006! Pretty, but it’s far from stunning. And sometimes, when you look closely, you realize that even frankly bad.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the game is aimed primarily at the console (Xbox 360 and PS3), where the resources are far from limitless. And still, I would like to see the ground underfoot not so disgusting, and the NPC (a variety of individuals, alas, Fallout 3 does not abound) moved the way it should be to live people. By the way about the animation. It, unfortunately, is also terrible, as in Oblivion. Puppet movements, strange, unnecessary passes by hands – not all. Face animation is much worse than in Half-Life 2! Finally, the movements of death agony are unnatural. Remember how funny the corpses looked in Oblivion? Here, about the same. Thank you that at least allowed to demolish hands, feet, heads of enemies (friends, by the way, you can also), watching the fountains of blood. It is right. Fallout must be an adult game.

To the visual component, you can justly carp, then to the sound – no. It is for the sake of these games that powerful Hi-Fi acoustic systems are bought. Stunning orchestral music, a well-chosen cast of actors (it does not matter that the NPC’s phrases are few), an unmatched realization of surround sound. And, of course, a full-fledged radio with several stations broadcasting music of different styles. With the appropriate technology, you can always navigate in space, not only from the picture on the monitor but also from the rustles coming from different sides.

6a5e74a10eb2b211e081ac8bc8918e1d.jpgSupermutants do not sleep!

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. in its proper place. We have three key concepts, which is how the hero behaves in different situations. The first – characteristics, like strength, agility, intelligence, luck, body build. The second – skills, in total in quantity of 13 pieces (instead of 18 earlier). It depends on them who the character will be. A powerful warrior, shooter or, for example, a vile thief. And, finally, the third. The most interesting – the legendary perks, unique features of the hero, which are given with a rise in level or for special merits. For example, you can get a perk computer genius or perk, allowing you to better find a common language with children. The number of them is great. By the way, traits from past Fallouts in the third part also turned into perks.

In general, the role-playing system of Fallout 3 is deeper and more interesting than in Oblivion. But, in comparison with Fallout 2, it was simplified. Apparently, for the project to be understood by a larger number of players. However, the combat unit was not reduced to a simple clique. The system of targeting enemies on different parts of the body – V.A.T.S. – in the ranks. We stop the time, we choose different limbs (the success of the hit, however, is not guaranteed), the order of the attacks – if the AP suffices, then the battle takes place. The enemy is still alive? They ran away, waited until the AP recovered, repeated. Just? Unfortunately yes. Much easier than 10 years ago. And it feels quite different. But many enemies look really chic. For the ugly faces of mutants, we are ready to forgive designers even fresh NPC. The only trouble is that we were not spoiled by the variety of enemies. Although AI pleasantly surprised. For the first time in RPG, enemies can make logically sound decisions.

335073-fallout-3-windows-screenshot-the-pip-boy-3000-the-most-important.jpgPip Boy and Perks for Trade

With freedom of movement, everything is in order. Let’s say more – it is unlimited. Do you want to spit on the main quest and do your own business? You are welcome. And your business can be extremely diverse. Do you like killing everyone? Forward! Become the main maniac of this gloomy world. Do you like to steal? And what about karma? Nothing. To get everything from Fallout 3 – you need to visit both the bad and the good. Many tasks are not available to the character with low karma. As well as on the contrary. Oh yes. The most important thing. You will be allowed to blow up an atomic bomb and demolish the entire city, watching the colorful mushroom from afar. Have not you ever dreamed about it?

Additional tasks set, side storylines more interesting than the main – too. If the main quest can be completed in 20-25 hours, then a full study of the world will take no less than 100. And the fact that of all this you will get great pleasure, no doubt. In the best traditions of Fallout, most of the stories in the game are unusual and original.

Fallout 3 is a huge game. We have told you only about a small part of what can be found in it without touching on such moments as the self-creation of weapons, trade, the robbery of caravans. And yet – this is not a continuation of Fallout 2. No, it’s something else. With its unique atmosphere and its own world. An excellent role-playing game from Bethesda.

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