For Dota 2 announced just two New Hero!


Tournament The International 2018 could not do without important announcements for Dota 2. The authors presented two heroes: Grimstroke and Mars.

Keywords Grimstroke – long-range combat, support, control, and escape. His skills are as follows:

• Stroke of Fate – holds a straight line in front of you, which slows down enemies and inflicts damage to them. Damage increases with each affected enemy.
• Phantom’s Embrace – Phantom pursues the enemy, dealing damage and prohibiting the use of abilities. If the phantom survives to the end of the ability, the victim will receive heavy damage, and the skill will immediately recharge.
• Ink Swell – Grimstroke or its ally are covered with paint, which prohibits the use of abilities, but increases the speed of movement and gives full invulnerability to attacks. Paint deals damage to nearby enemies – the bigger it is, the greater the damage to the area and the stunning that occur at the end of the ability.
• Soulbind – connects two enemy heroes and does not allow them to move away from each other. Abilities aimed at one victim, and act on the second. If the chain breaks before it’s laid, the original target binds another ally within the radius of Soulbind’s action.

A brush is a distinctive visual feature of Grimstroke. As Valve tells, the hero was supposed to protect his people, but came to power, bringing relatives as a sacrifice. Now native spirits are forever associated with the Grimstroke brush, and their pain is visible in every smear.

The second character is called Mars, but we can not tell about it in detail. Officially Valve showed only a small teaser before the premiere of Grimstroke and stated that Mars will arrive in Dota 2 this winter.

Unofficially, users have already found traces of the character in the game files. For example, his abilities can be called Spear Wall / Spear and Phalanx / Phalanx Cancel.

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