Grand Theft Auto V: Review

Perhaps in your dreams, a game called “Simulator of Life” ever flashed? Where you can wake up, watch a couple of minutes of TV, then put on a suit and go to work, then go to the bar, skip one by one and finish the day with a beauty company. And tomorrow everything will turn completely differently. Surely yes. Only all dreams immediately broke down about the realities and capabilities of modern technology. What does the GTA have to do with it? The fact is that Rockstar, while keeping the concept of the series throughout its history unchanged, developed the project in the direction we have been talking about, expanding the list of actions available to the player. GTA5 – something much more than a simulator auto hijacker in an open city.

“But all this was already in the previous parts of the series! What is new here? “You will exclaim. We, having analyzed the question with the left hemisphere of the brain, confidently nod: really, nothing. But then, striking the right half, we will object everything. Paradoxically, but the fact: remaining as a whole a copy of the previous part, GTA5 is passed and is perceived in a completely new way. It’s not even that the number of protagonists has increased three-fold, and they have turned into super interactive guys who can play tennis, meditate, drink whiskey and stroke the strippers’ chest. Details are secondary. But their connection is the same magic that gives the game a unique color and distinguishes the usual entertainment from the project with a capital letter.

GTA5 – a fundamental continuation of the series, which is a perfect example of joint creative work of designers, scriptwriter, and programmers. Obviously, the task of the authors was to transfer the user on the other side of the screen, where the player gets so involved in the role of the character that he does not distinguish himself from it. And if we look closely, we will see that the changes at all levels of the gameplay that appeared in the new part, work precisely for this purpose.

The subject submission in GTA5 is radically different from all that was before. We have not one hero with a troubled past, knowledge or ignorance of which does not interfere with unobstructed understanding of current events. This time, a performance of three actors is played on the stage, the fates of which are closely intertwined. We are told a deeply personal story for each character, whose content goes far beyond the unfolding on-screen action. During the passage, we not only seek to see what will happen next but also learn the facts from the biographies of the heroes.

2264326-gta5_2.jpgThe beauty of the world

So, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. A young dark-skinned guy; retired robber and loser-family man; hot-tempered loon with megalomania. Before our heroes meet and embark on what they know how to do best, a small introduction will smoothly introduce each of the characters to us, allowing us to get deeper into the role. Immediately notice the amazing cinematography and realism of even the most ordinary conversations. The play of actors, dialogues, colorful jokes, truthful characters – all this captivates with its natural spectacularly. Heroes do not at all seek to solve the problems of mankind; each of them is preoccupied with small difficulties. Franklin tries to get out of the ghetto, Michael has problems with his family, Trevor dreams of the laurels of a businessman and a smuggler. All these personal issues are very captivating.

The plot swings slowly, allowing you to visualize every moment of being in Los Santos. Initially, tasks surprise with their innocence and variety: ride a bike with Michael’s son, sit in a difficult pose during a yoga session. Some quests show absolutely unexpected scenes. So, one day Franklin, moonlighting as a paparazzi, caught a secular lady engaged in obscenities with some guy. Before the distraught girl rushes for compromising material, we will be shown in detail the entire sexual act and the idyllic dialogue accompanying him …

In general, Rockstar remains true to its own traditions and blatantly spits on censorship and ratings: ubiquitous profanity, sexual organs (including men), cruelty in all its manifestations. We are not moralists and look at any phenomena that are socially unacceptable in games, as a necessity dictated by the requirements of the setting. However, it sometimes seems that the developers still slightly bent the stick.

gta5-artwork-002-pest-control-2560x1600.jpgOne of the adventures. Official Art

The trinity of main characters sets the backbone of game mechanics. Each of the heroes lives his life, has his own house, his list of acquaintances and quests, which are accessible only to him. At any time, we can switch from one character to another. The camera soars up into the sky, moves to another part of the map and lands on the hero’s head, catching him unawares: Franklin pulling up on the horizontal bars, Trevor lying drunk on the street, or Michael, dormant at the wheel.

A slightly different procedure looks like during the execution of the plot tasks. Free switching is also retained in them, but sometimes the game itself will “throw” us behind the backs of the heroes in the most “piquant” position to maintain cinematography and entertainment. The missions are simply stunning, the level of dynamics and diversity here is at an altitude. What are at least large-scale robberies! Before you go on a mission, we will have to do a thorough preparation, picking up a team and choosing the method of work.

For example, you can clean a store with jewels in two ways – quiet and loud. In the first case, we must put the visitors and personnel to sleep by letting the gas through the ventilation. In the second, we are acting in an old-fashioned way: we boldly break in with a shotgun and ask the public to suffer our presence in the position “facing the floor”. In addition, before the main task will have to perform several preparatory missions, having obtained sipping gas, transport for departure, masks for conspiracy and so on. Heroes have their own skills and parameters like endurance, accuracy, ability to fly an airplane. There is also a secretive mode in which the hero can silently slip behind the backs of enemies. In addition, each protagonist has his own talents: Michael slows down the time in the shootings, Trevor falls into a rage, becoming almost immortal, and Franklin includes the “slow mode” while driving. They, like other character settings, can be improved. This is done with frequent repetitions of one action (the more you run, the harder you will become), as well as the active use of material and spiritual and entertainment benefits in the vastness of Los Santos.

ps4-grand-theft-auto-v-r3-samuraistore-1712-06-F632258_4.jpgCould it be that the first person came to GTA?

Los Santos is certainly the largest city in the GTA series and, perhaps, one of the most thoughtful, saturated and beautiful in the history of video games. Like its real prototype, Los Angeles, the town is divided into several large zones, completely different in landscape and design. Wild areas covered by rivers and mountains, suburban villages, downtown, looking at the world from the tops of skyscrapers … After the first walk down the street, you fall in love with this world blindly and selflessly, like a child.

Not once during the entire passage, you will not have a feeling of repetition in the appearance of the districts. You can spend hours walking aimlessly at them, slowly examining samples of architecture, non-repetitive billboards, graffiti on the walls … Los Santos lives, he breathes a full chest, not trying to entertain the player. And yet, the random events that occur at every step, involve a large part of the charm of the city.

Passers-by chat about among themselves, somewhere there is a construction, somewhere there was an accident, and the ambulance and the police come to the scene of the incident. Аfter a couple of days, when the incident has already left a memory, the phone receives SMS: “Hello! Do you remember me? I’m the guy who stole the bike. In fact, I am a millionaire and I want to thank you for your help. ” The city reacts to the behavior of the player – then in the local Internet something will be said about the bank robbery, then some unexpected letter will fall into the electronic box. In the world of GTA5 is hidden the innumerable amount of Easter eggs, secrets and references to cinema, politics, sports, religion, and culture. You need to spend more than a dozen hours to find them all.

GTA-5-Quad-Bike.jpgAway from Los Santos

And after another mission, you think: where to relax before continuing the journey? Go to play tennis? Do yoga? Or go to a strip bar, get drunk and tuck dancing for you in a private room girl? Or maybe ride the streets of the night city, listening to one of several dozen radio stations, or put on a scuba gear and go to explore the underwater kingdoms? In the end, just hooligans, typing a nickel of stars of “popularity” among law enforcement officers? Police, by the way, have become much smarter than before, and every pursuit looks like a full-fledged adventure.

Services and entertainment are waiting for us not only on the expanses of “real” streets – developers have built in the game a game analog of the Internet with a huge amount of content! In the local network, you can sit for hours, watching news feeds, as well as “tweets” of friends and relatives of our heroes. Sites, advertising everything that you can, social networks, a whole exchange, where you can earn very good money. Here the creators have plenty of fun on all the prejudices of the information society and the new-fashioned social movements. We can get out of the Internet from any computer that meets you on the way, as well as from a phone that is available for each of the characters. Periodically we receive SMS, emails. At any time we can call friends or girls and arrange an appointment. Nobody forbids and takes pictures all around, laying out pictures in the real Network.

The schedule of the project leads to unhealthy thoughts: either we were always lied, for some reason not allowing the potential of consoles to be revealed before, or together with GTA5 we somehow miraculously infected our prefix with a next-gen-virus … But the fact remains: the picture in the creation Rockstar is one of the best games of the current generation. With all the unearthly beauties, the system manages to simultaneously calculate the actions of a huge number of objects on a large territory. However, especially dynamic and loaded moments FPS sags. But not critical – in general, everything looks more than worthy.

Gtavmapupdated.jpgGTA 5. Map

GTA5 put everything in its place, once again demonstrating to everyone a real sign of quality. Developers from Rockstar – unconditional leaders and real geniuses in the field of the concept created by them. Each new part of the series raises the bar to a new level – is it really that after GTA5 there will still be unconquered heights? Perhaps one of the best games of the series, and you, do you think?

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