H1Z1: Just Survive decided to close


The company Daybreak Game Company announced the closure of the project Just Survive. The game about survival was originally called H1Z1. This shooter was the first in which the regime of the royal battle appeared. Created it Brendan PlayerUnknown Green (Brendan Greene), author of PUBG. In February 2016, the project was divided into two separate games H1Z1: Battle Royal and H1Z1: Just Survive. The popularity of the royal battle was much higher than the original game of survival. Now the interest of gamers has fallen so much that the developers decided to stop supporting the shooter, and then disconnect the game servers. Just Survive will be finally closed on October 24, 2018. Team Daybreak Game Company clarified that the game can no longer be purchased, and in-game purchases are disabled. The gamers in the comments to the closure announcement expressed their dissatisfaction with such a decision. According to them, a regular online shooter reaches 3 thousand people, which is not so little. Some write that they will never buy the projects of these developers again.

Another shooter H1Z1: Battle Royal is now called simply H1Z1. All the forces of developers will be thrown on this project. It is available for free on Steam, as well as on the PS4.

Official site: A Message from the Just Survive Team

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