Mass Effect 2: Review

Two years before the events of Mass Effect 2 brave captain Shepard dealt with the Lord – a huge intelligent spacecraft, representative of the ancient race of Reapers, arriving every fifty thousand years to rid the universe of the proliferating organic life forms. However, this was not a victory in the war-only a battle won, and the offensive of powerful enemies was not prevented, but delayed for the time being. Deciding to eliminate the threat once and for all, Shepard goes in search of new adventures, simultaneously finishing the remnants of the Gets army, but one day meets an enemy who, for two whole years, disables our hero and turns a favorite Normandy into a heap of scrap metal.

Having woken up in one of the laboratories of “Cerberus” – the same anti-human organization that conducted inhuman experiments on Massachusetts in Mass Effect – Shepard, having interrupted a couple of dozen hostile robots, gets acquainted with Miranda. Mrs. Lawson, whose voice and appearance was “rented” by Australian film actress Yvonne Strzechowski, turns out to be a member of Cerberus and tells our hero that he was away for two whole years and that the head of the corporation, the enigmatic Ghost, wants to talk with him. During the conversation, it turns out that the world’s situation is not the most favorable: an unknown enemy ravages the human colonies, the Council has hushed up the deal with the Reapers, and the former captain’s companions have scattered over the galaxy to solve their problems. Despite the mistrust of the ever-smoker Ghost, we have to agree to work with him, because the threat to all living things is more real than ever. And the new “Normandy”, donated by a newfound ally, is ready for cooperation.

Approximately figuring out what’s what, the captain understands: the only way to stop the destruction of colonies is to attack the enemy on his own territory. The mission is dangerous, and therefore to fly to it alone and without proper preparation is a stupid risk, so it’s worth thinking about a good team, the selection of which, in fact, is the main goal of the game. She took the weighty pack of resumes from the Phantom, Shepard set off.


Perhaps, it is in the selection of personnel that one of the more or less significant shortcomings of Mass Effect 2 is covered. Having devoted almost all screen time to our assistants, the writers completely forgot about the main storyline, so be mentally prepared for a catastrophically small number of “cover-ups” and that, that you will get answers to all the questions that worry you only in the final part of the trilogy. Sad, but not critical, because Mass Effect 2 has something to distract from the action with Reapers.

A mighty handful of new allies of different colors came out extremely colorful. Of course, their archetypes are recognizable, but the details and elaboration of the stories of the partners make each of them unique. Here you and the mad Salarian scientist, and bloodthirsty krogan, and a frowning murderer with philosophical views on life … Enumerate all the sense is not – to fall in love with these wonderful guys, they need to chat with them. Hardly anyone will remain indifferent to the song of Professor Mordin, flirting with a shy quarian and soldiers’ bikes of the mercenary Zayed.

One of the most important characteristics of each member of a motley company is loyalty. To get it, you’ll have to help comrades to bury their closet skeletons once and for all, otherwise someone at the height of the last battle can suddenly panic, remembering the forgotten birthday of your beloved grandmother, which will inevitably turn into sad consequences, so you do not need to neglect the work of the psychoanalyst. In addition, having won the trust of a companion, you will receive for him an additional skill and the ability to slightly change his appearance.

maxresdefault.jpgThose same “Reapers”

Convinced that the interactive movie Mass Effect turned out to be extremely successful, beautiful and interesting, the developers of BioWare got rid of almost all the ballast, which slowed the players on the way to a spectacular outcome. Alas, slightly overdone. The system of character development has lost a lot of weight in comparison with and so bony predecessor from Mass Effect. Now each ally has only four skills, more can only be from Shepard.

Henceforth, no “exp” for the mountains of corpses: experience points are given only for completed tasks. Do you want to get to the maximum level? Kindly perform additional quests. Fortunately, on Mako on monotonous planets were abolished. All locations are made by hand, and the design of many leaves an indelible impression: the spaceship hanging over the precipice and the snow-covered crash site of the first “Normandy” are impressive. True, the essence of most missions is still a banal sweep of the territory.

Deciding, apparently, that it did not fit the rescuer of the galaxy to roam the pockets of killed enemies, simultaneously pulling off their fancy boots, the developers cut down all the inventory and collecting loot under the root. Now no disguises in the midst of the battle and the improvement of rifles in marching conditions. All manipulations with changing the armor are carried out in the captain’s cabin at the Normandy. Armor has ceased to be whole so that you can combine any gloves with any shoulder pads and shells, paint them as you please and even paint with patterns. The exception is bonus kits, in which even helmets are attached tightly, which will surely grieve lovers to stare at the perfectly animated faces of their Shepards.

mass-effect-2-screenshot.jpgGameplay in one of the announcements of developers

Weapons can no longer be modified with the help of modules found in the middle of the lists, any upgrade should be investigated in the Normandy laboratory using previously purchased or found schemes. It does not improve any single rifle, but everything at once. Any kind of incendiary and freezing cartridges outgrew the abilities of the characters and can not be used by all members of the detachment. Someone like just does not like it, but you can not call the disposal of tons of junk on the ridge very bad decision. And how to call the hero of a man who meticulously gutted the pockets of each corpse?

By the way, I have to pay for improvements. But not so much money, as many resources on the planet resources. Do you remember how in the first part you plowed the expanses of the Universe in search of some records, emblems, and other garbage? In Mass Effect 2, unfortunately, the idea was developed. To find fifty thousand units of platinum, you have to manually scan the heels of the planets and stick each probe, like a pad for needles. Add to this the fact that the stock of these probes ends, and Normandy should be periodically refilled … In short, it is best to play miners before bed.

Of course, one can argue a long time about whether it was worthwhile to send equipment to scrap, to cut down on an already modest development system and concentrate all attention on Shepard’s team, but all this, in any case, does not matter. After all, the main thing in Mass Effect 2 is that it gives a real epic adventure in which you do not just wade through thousands of mobs to the main boss, but really influence what is happening around you. Any freedom of action in the game is certainly conditional, but the craftsmen from BioWare managed to do so, that you believe in it unconditionally. Will your Shepard survive? Will the crew be saved? Should I at the end fulfill the request of the Ghost or listen to my conscience? All in your hands. And such power really drags and drunk.

OdajLBz.gifBefore the next quest

The whole world of the game is rich in trivia, pleasant details, and funny Easter eggs. Judge for yourselves: any race has its own history, each planet has a description and characteristics (although, it would seem, who needs it?). Going into the captain’s cabin on the “Normandy”, you can turn on the music, feed the fish (sold in the Citadel!) Or look at the photo of your passion from the first part. It’s funny, but when your Shepard spins the romance with someone else, the picture on the table will be turned upside down! And it’s unlikely that Baldur’s Gate fans will not be touched by looking at the Space Hamster.

With humor, too, complete order, especially the scriptwriters succeeded in Joker’s hilarious quarrels with the AI ​​”Normandy” SUZI and the flamboyant remarks of Professor Mordin, who will then offer you a good tool for safe sex (with a set of informative brochures), then sing his favorite song. Well, from the quest, in which two krogan crave to eat fish from the Citadel Lake, you can even die with laughter.
Mass Effect 2. It’s a pity that the combat locations can not boast of such originality and at least some interesting details. Any terrain intended for the fight is a narrow corridor with stacked boxes, containers and stone blocks that exist only so that you have something to hide in during, alas, rather monotonous shootings. Yes, the developers have worked well on the balance and usefulness of skills, but a reliable rifle is always safer than anything, and it’s rare to smoke opponents – they themselves are happily sticking out because of shelter. Fortunately, the skirmishes are fleeting and dynamic so you will not have to grind your teeth with a forty-minute hunt for cloned robots.

In any case, Mass Effect won the hearts of millions not by brawls, but by their cinematography, brilliant direction, and beautiful dialogues. Any skirmish is just a prelude to another interactive video that you do not just watch, but in which you are the main character. And if earlier it was always necessary to conduct a dialogue to the end, now the developers have coolly refreshed communication with the NPC the opportunity to interrupt the conversation, both in a good way and in a bad way. At a certain moment, when the corresponding symbol lights up on the screen, you can, for example, cut down the annoying reporter with a powerful hook or quickly push away a girl who has been puffed up from the line of fire. Add to this great animation, good graphics, and first-class voice acting – and you’ll get an almost perfect darling science fiction action movie that can easily compete with many Hollywood productions.

jQcfR.jpgAlmost chocolate (chocolate bar), only maps of the world (galaxies)

Mass Effect 2 is an amazing continuation of a great game. The developers tried to take into account all the main complaints: they threw unnecessary raids on ugly planets on Mako, abolished elevators, finalized the combat system, added QTE elements to the dialogues. Of course, there were some shortcomings. Many will be disappointed by the very sluggish development of the main story, the half-dead pumping of characters, the almost complete absence of loot and the hateful scanning of the planets in addition, but all these are trifles compared to the main one. Mass Effect 2 – this is a grand and spectacular adventure in the company of damned charismatic comrades. An adventure in which you choose how events will develop. Enjoy it.

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