Star Citizen – became free. Temporally

In honor of the major gaming exhibition gamescom 2018 held in Cologne, developers of the promising space simulator Star Citizen temporarily made it free. Thus, everyone can appreciate what millions of dollars were spent on gamers in the last six years of developing the game.

Star Citizen is the ambitious project of Chris Robertson, famous for Wing Commander and Freelancer. Hollywood stars were involved in the creation, and the players themselves are involved in financing. As of December last year, developers have collected more than $ 170 million. Robertson promises to make a space “sandbox” of unprecedented scale, but many believe that this is just another financial pyramid, and the game will never see the light.

However, fans and just curious gamers will obviously be glad to try Star Citizen in its current form. To do this, you need to download the game from the official site, specifying the promotional code GETINTOTHEVERSE. The offer is valid from August 24 to August 27, so do not miss this opportunity. And in the comments, you can tell the impressions of this multimillion-dollar project.

Official site: Star Citizen is free to try right now

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