Now Steam Link launches PC-games on Android without a gamepad

Valve gave gamers a Steam Link service that allows running PC games on Android and iOS. The application broadcasts a game image from your computer to your smartphone using Wi-Fi. That’s just one problem – Steam Link required a proprietary controller Valve.

In the latest update of the Android application, developers added on-screen control. Now the virtual buttons will mimic the pressing of the Steam gamepad. In the application, you can also change the location of the on-screen control. In mouse mode, gestures work, and the cursor moves by touching the screen. Added a hybrid mode, in which the buttons are displayed on the screen, and the cursor moves by touching on the free area.

So far, the update is only available in beta. To activate, go to your account settings from the PC, and in the “Account” tab, confirm participation in the test. After that Steam Link will have the option to configure the management.

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